Chin up/ pull up bar

Chin up/ pull up bar

Guys, today I’m going to give you 3 awesome body weight exercises that you can do to target your biceps. Who doesn’t want massive biceps? That’s pretty much the only reason you’re working out right? (sense the sarcasm?)

There are many people that often think that biceps can only get bigger by directly working them using either dumbbells, barbells or cable curls. This is not true. Biceps can be stimulated in many ways, the best ways are often while performing compound movements (exercises that stimulate more than one muscle group). Many people often forget that compound exercises that involve a ‘pulling’ movement, whether it’s horizontal such as cable rows, or vertical pulling movements such as the lat pull down also do a great job of working the biceps. Just not directly like isolation exercises such as dumbbell or barbell curls would work them.

Let’s just forget about free weights altogether in this article. I’m going to teach you how to work out your biceps using just yourself and a pull up bar. Here are 3 exercises that I consider the best body weight exercises to help develop your biceps. These 3 exercises are basically alterations of the pull ups and chin ups using different grips and hand width.

Close grip chin ups: This is a great exercise that really works the biceps. It has been said that in order to build up massive biceps, chin ups are a must. It is pretty much impossible to leave your biceps out of this movement because with this grip and exercise, the biceps play a huge part in pulling the body up. For some guys, the biceps are even used 100% in the movement. I’m talking about the guys that do the half-assed chin ups, where they only go down until their arms are 90 degrees, keeping constant tension on the biceps. If you want to target your lats into the movements, doing half-assed chin ups will provide minimal results. But if you want to target your biceps, those half-assed chin ups will surely give you a nice burn.

Close grip pull ups: This is pretty much going to be the same as the chin up, except that you will be in a pull up position, meaning when you grip the bar, your palms will be facing away from you. Like exercise suggests, your hands will be closer than shoulder width. I like to perform this exercise with my hands only about 5 or 6 inches apart from each other.

Parallel grip pull ups: With parallel grip pull ups, the palms of your hands are facing each other. Perform them like you would any other pull up. This exercise really targets your brachialis (outer) muscles on your biceps.

These are the 3 exercises that really helped me in building up my biceps when I first started working out. They are very effective and a great way to get a workout in if you are away from the gym or do not have access to weights.

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