Want thick arms?

Want thick arms?

This is probably the article that most guys are looking for when they browse through my site. How to build thicker arms. Many that start a bodybuilding type training routine or hit the gym, do it for the sole purpose of building a bigger set of guns. Developing a thick set of arms takes a while, years even. Overall thickness comes with the maturity of the muscle as it develops more muscle fibers and grows in size. I’ll admit that I was once there on the quest for massive arms, believe me.

That was my goal a few years back, but I realized that as I adapted and becoming accustomed to the workout world, I started realizing that having an impressive set of legs, or a nice thick back will be equal or more than having a huge set of arms. But for all of you who are still searching for the secret of how to build thicker arms, I’m going to give you 3 quick tips to help.

1) Don’t get too comfortable with dumbbell isolation movements

What’s the first thing that you do when you step into the gym with the goal to build thicker arms? Grab a set of dumbbells and start doing curls right?  That’s what the majority of guys do, and I can tell you this: dumbbell curls are highly overrated when it comes to wanting to add overall thickness to your arms. You need to start performing heavy compound movements such as barbell rows, bench press, weighted chin-ups/pull-ups, etc. if you really want to add mass and thickness to the arms.

Many people often overlook that their arms are engaged in those movements as well. Your arms will grow thicker if you’re able to row and press 200 lbs every single workout, rather than curling and performing endless triceps extensions with 30-40 pounds.

2) Perform exercises that hit all heads of the biceps and triceps

Alright, where to begin on this one? The biceps consists of two separate muscles (bi means two), the long head, and the short head.  The triceps (tri meaning 3) consists of 3 heads, the lateral, medial and long head. To successfully develop thicker arms, you MUST be performing exercises that targets the each head of the muscle you are working on. If you’re in the gym and only performing concentration curls for biceps, and triceps push downs for triceps, you’re selling yourself short on development.

Exercises for the biceps heads:
Outer (long head) – Incline dumbbell curls and hammer curls are most effective
Inner (short head) – Dumbbell concentration curls, preacher curls, traditional biceps curls with palms out

3) Work out your triceps

If you want thicker arms overall, you have to be training your triceps. I cannot emphasize this point enough!

What’s the first thing guys tend to do when they want to build thicker arms? Their workout looks something like this: Monday is biceps training, Wednesday is biceps training, Friday is biceps training, and then it repeats the week after. Am I right?

Do you know anybody who just trains arms, looks like a gorilla, with a caved in chest, and twig legs? I’ve had numerous people in the gym asking me how to build bigger arms and when I tell them that triceps development is what they need to be focusing on, they look at me like I’m crazy. The triceps make up as much as 2/3 of your overall arm size and if you’re not giving enough attention to them, your arms will never get the thickness that you want. Triceps extensions, rope pull downs, skull crushers, should definitely accommodate your mass building exercises, such as heavy bench pressing, close grip bench press and weighted dips.



Building bigger arms takes time and dedication. You won’t be seeing the results that you want if you don’t put your effort into training biceps, and triceps equally.  That’s pretty much the 3 tips I have for you today on helping you build up those thick arms. As I’ve said, thicker arms comes with proper development and doesn’t just happen overnight. If you stay consistent with your training, you’ll develop thick arms in no time. See you in the next article.

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