healthy foodsSo recently I had a talk with a friend and it lead to the subject of:  “you’re always on a diet, you never eat any good foods.” I couldn’t help but bite down and not say anything as they were rambling on, for the reason that I didn’t want to start a dispute, because quite frankly, people who aren’t health fiends just don’t understand. Wouldn’t you agree my lovely fitness junkies?

Being on vacation (yes, I’m on vacation) doesn’t always mean that one should give up everything for the week to binge drink, eat massive amounts of junk food, and do whatever they want (at least not for me). There is a difference between healthy eating, and dieting, and in this article I’m going to talk to you guys about 4 most common misconceptions that people have with healthy eating and dieting because far too often, they get mixed up.

1) If you eat healthy foods you MUST be on a diet

“I don’t know how you can stay on a diet all year round, I just can’t do it.”

I’ve heard this one way too often, especially when I’m out with friends and opt for something healthier so I don’t have to sit there hungry. Eating healthy foods such as salads, chicken breasts, whole grains VS burgers, pizza, and ice cream is often labeled as being on a “diet” because the word diet is almost always associated with some sort of torture and total restriction of “yummy” foods that people love to eat. (note that yummy is in quotations)

2) Eating healthy is boring and unsatisfying 

This is another huge misconception that people have, and to each their own right?

You might not find what I eat appetizing, but  I love eating my brown rice, chicken and broccoli. Love it. To me, I don’t need to eat junk foods (though I do like to indulge sometimes) and almost never get cravings for those types of foods. The truth is; that eating healthier can leave you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. It’s true that endorphins go off when you eat your favorite burger, or pizza, and make you feel great, but it’s only a temporary high and most junk foods leave you feeling hungry again sooner than you’d like to be, not to mention they probably already did the damage with the amount of calories in those foods.

Tips to stay full longer!

3) You need to count calories to lose weight

Though I encourage tracking your calories in a journal such as myfitnesspal or a log book, you don’t need to count every single calorie to lose some weight. You just need to watch what you eat and eat in moderation. But the key here is watching what you eat. It’s when you consume healthy foods vs junk food is when you can get away with not counting calories. This is because most junk foods are loaded with excess fats, and empty calories, that provide very little nutrition.

4) Eating healthy is difficult and complicated

When I changed my lifestyle from beers, pizza and video games to a more active and fit lifestyle, I’ll admit that the diet change at first was hard because I was so used to eating those foods that I loved, but they also weren’t very “healthy.” As time went on, I lost my cravings for those foods and to this day I actually feel guilty about eating any foods that aren’t considered healthy foods, if you can say that. It’s as simple as choosing a grilled chicken wrap instead of a crispy chicken wrap. Take your time adjusting.

I hope this article really cleared up some things , and that the next time you think about going on a diet, just think about changing the way you eat. Trust me, it’s for the better. See you in the next article.


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