guy_soreshoulderIf the aftermath of your workouts leaves you feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck and you’re aching for days on after, you might be over doing it in the gym. If you are sore for what seems to be the whole week after a grueling chest session, it’s either the volume of your workouts that got to you, or you’re actually doing things in your daily life that are preventing you from recovering as quickly as you could be.

People often ask about what to do in order to speed up muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness, but they don’t realize that what may be doing in their day-to-day lives are are actually preventing muscle recovery itself. In this article I’m going to outline the 6 common things that prevents muscle recovery. Are you ready?

The first thing that inhibits muscle recovery is: Too many workouts!

I’ve always been one to preach that when it comes to gaining muscle and getting stronger, that less is often more. Many people tend to fill up their whole week with hard workouts thinking it will make them progress faster and become fit quicker. Throwing in grueling workout sessions day after day, can often over-stress the body, and this is what can prevent sore muscles from recovering as quickly as they can.

The second thing is: Not eating enough calories!

I know you want to get fit. You’re cutting calories, trying ever so hard to lose the few extra pounds, but this is a huge culprit in preventing your muscles from recovery. There are so many tips in fitness magazines that say that you should eat less and exercise more, and this is what often causes people to stay sore for long periods of time. You need enough calories to promote muscle recovery. Excessive exercise with an excessive calorie restriction can sometimes actually put your body into a stage where it holds onto the fat and you can actually be breaking down the muscle instead of increasing muscle mass.

The third thing is: Not getting enough sleep!

Guys, I cannot stress this one enough. You need to stop bragging to your friends that you can get through a long work day, add in a workout session, raise your children, and do your daily chores, all while running on 4 hours of sleep. This is the biggest culprit in why you are sore for so long! It’s while you sleep that your body can effectively repair its damaged muscle tissue. You don’t grow muscle while in the gym. Resting and recovering is the biggest part.

The fourth thing is: Lacking nutrients!

“I never eat greens, greens are for babies and children. It’s all meat and potatoes for me.” Have you heard that? Do you know someone who frequents the gym and has that mentality? Vitamins and minerals play a huge role in muscle recovery and ensures that the body is running at it’s optimal levels. If you are lacking those micronutrients, your body will suffer and not only will you stay sore longer, your energy levels will also be low. If you want to grow, you need your greens! Fruits and veggies should be a huge part of your diet. Your parents were right. You can thank them now for forcing you to eat that darned broccoli.

The fifth thing: Not getting enough protein!

Protein is needed to promote muscle growth and recovery. It’s needed to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue that you may have caused during your exercise. For all of you vegetarians out there that have a hard time finding protein sources, it doesn’t only come in meats! Beans, lentils, and veggies are packed full of protein and some are more effective than even meat proteins. So go ahead and load up!

Lastly: You are stressing too much!

Take a deep breath right now. Exhale slowly. The world doesn’t always need to be on. Take some time for yourself to unwind and take it easy. Mental stress has to be the biggest thing that prevents effective muscle recovery, mainly because it prevents adequate sleep most of the time. Whether if it’s money troubles, exams, or why that special someone hasn’t texted yet, it can have a huge impact on muscle soreness and recovery times. Take a load off and quit worrying about things!

This is pretty much it guys. The 6 things that are preventing you from healing quicker. Stop worrying about things you can do that can speed up the healing process, focus on the things that are preventing and you’ve pretty got muscle recovery mastered. Good luck and take care guys. I’ll see you soon in the next article.

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