afterburn-effectIf you’ve been on YouTube recently, or watched any videos on the internet for that matter, you may or may not have heard of this guy named Mike Chang. Yes, the infamous “snake oil salesman” who spams videos all over the internet. Blah, blah, blah. I can pretty much go on for another paragraph about this guy, and will probably write an article about him in the near future, because a lot of people have asked my opinion about him. Anyways….

His ads are literally on every single video that I watch and I’ve had countless people questioning me whether or not his Afterburn Fuel works. Though I haven’t tried the “Afterburn Fuel” pre workout, I’m sure it’s just like any other pre workout out there. Designed to stimulate you and give you extreme mental focus in the gym. Nothing special.

I’ve also been questioned regarding the afterburn effect, and Afterburn Fuel pre workout, and whether or not they are related to one another. The answer is no. Mike just decided to use a generally popular topic in bodybuilding and fitness, to market and hype up his product. Again, great marketing tactic Mike. Good on ya.

So what is the afterburn effect, and does the afterburn effect really work?

The afterburn effect in layman’s terms is: your body’s ability to speed up its metabolism after intense exercise/cardio, and continue to burn calories (at a high rate) for up to 24 hours after your workout session is finished. If you’re looking to lose fat, what better way than to boost your metabolism and turn it into a calorie burning machine right? Sign me up.

This afterburn effect is becoming so hyped up and popular in the fitness world that many people have devoted time to create programs to maximize the effect, and there have even been supplements that I have seen that promote the afterburn effect! People are jumping on this topic like moths drawn to a flame (I think that’s the right saying).

The reason your metabolism is sped up after exercise, is that vigorous activity (cardio/weight training) places demands on your body which breaks down muscle tissue, and the recovery process requires a lot of calories. This is why many people who are active require more calories than others. And the harder that you work out during your gym session, the greater the afterburn effect will be on your body.

I remember watching a video that Scooby1961 (YouTube)posted regarding the afterburn effect and how many extra calories you can burn in a day after your exercise session, and the numbers were pretty amazing. So in this example, the numbers are based on someone who is consuming 2600 calories a day to maintain body weight.

Minutes Cardio Cardio Burns Afterburner Effect Burns Total Cals Burned Pounds Fat Lost
none 0 cals/day 0 cals/day 2600cals/day 0.0lbs/wk
20min/day 230cals/day 70cals/day 2800cals/day 0.6lbs/wk
35min/day 400cals/day 360cals/day 3360cals/day 1.7lbs/wk
50min/day 570cals/day 580cals/day 3750cals/day 2.3lbs/wk


*NOTE* where Scooby got these numbers I don’t exactly know, but this is a rough example of what the afterburn effect can do for you. For all of the people who are still slightly confused.

In conclusion, the afterburn effect is nothing new. It’s been around since the beginning of time and is how your body naturally responds to physical activity. You may have just recently heard of it, because I’m pretty sure it’s been made popular by Mike and his advertising. When you push yourself during your training sessions, you can end up burning as much or even more calories than you did with the afterburn effect vs actual workout. See you in the next article.

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