banana egg pancakes_0So recently I was browsing the net reading articles, when I stumbled upon the most amazing and simple recipe that I had to try instantly. Banana protein pancakes. My 3 almost favorite things in life. Now to be honest, I pretty much NEVER make anything I see online from recipes, simply because my motto is: If I don’t have the all ingredients in my cupboard/fridge (which 100% of the time I don’t), I’m not going to go get them.

Hands up if you agree with me?

Today’s article is going to be something different. I’m going to start sharing the foods that I love to eat on a daily basis, so you all can enjoy them too. Though I’ve been known to eat really bland, and gross foods, I promise these recipes will be great! They might not taste awesome, but I guarantee they will be 100% packed full of nutrition for you.

Now I’ve been eating banana protein pancakes for a while now, and I haven’t gotten bored of them yet. With me, I usually find some sort of food I like, eat it to the point of getting sick of them, stay away from them for a while, and come back. Anyways, onto the recipe for you guys.


1) 1 or 2 Banana’s mashed
2) 2 whole eggs
3) 1 tablespoon of healthy oils ( olive, avacado, coconut)
4) Peanut butter, syrup or jam (optional)


1) In a bowl mix together the eggs and bananas. I like to use my Bullet Blender for quick and easy mix. ( No advertisement, I swear)
2) Place a pan over medium heat and grease with the oil of your choice.
3) Pour the batter into the pan, I usually wait 1 minute, then flip when it looks ready and cook for another minute.
4) Enjoy with some peanut butter, syrup or jam

It’s as easy as that.

This is a nice simple breakfast or snack that you can make, and is packed full of muscle building protein, carbs, and healthy fats to help start your day. The best part is, that you most likely already have these ingredients and it literally takes only 5 minutes to prepare. I rarely have time in the mornings to make breakfast, so this, combined with a protein shake is usually my quick and easy breakfast, and it tastes delicious to me! See you guys in the next article!




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