This article will outline the 4 best dumbbell exercises for a bigger chest that you can do at the gym or at home to effectively stimulate the muscle.

Building a massive chest is nothing easy, take it from a guy who’s spent years trying to build up a lagging chest. Though there are many different exercises that directly work the pectoral muscles, I would say that there are only a select few that will give you best bang for your buck and here they are:

Dumbbell incline chest press – The dumbbell incline chest press effectively works to stimulate the top portion of the pectoral muscles. This exercise is performed by getting yourself situated on an incline bench that is about 30-35 degrees, and pressing upwards.

incline press






Dumbbell flat bench press – The dumbbell flat bench press is performed the same way as a regular bench press with a barbell. Get yourself onto a flat bench and press upwards. This exercise can also be performed on the floor as a floor press.

flat press






Dumbbell pull over – This exercise is often forgotten about when it comes to the chest and is a very effective exercise. This exercise is also performed on a flat bench and you can either lay perpendicular or right on the bench.








Dumbbell flies – Dumbbell flies are usually considered as a workout finisher exercise, but can also be done to pre-exhaust the chest muscle before a heavy workout. This exercise can be performed on the floor or on a bench (either angled to stimulate the upper pecs, or flat to stimulate lower pecs). You want to really concentrate on the contraction of the chest muscles more than how much weight to use.







As with any exercise when it comes to building muscle, it takes time to get the form correct, so if it’s your first time doing these exercises, take it slow and use lighter weights. Let  your body learn how to properly do the exercises before you move onto heavier weights. Proper form when it comes to lifting will ensure that you do not injure yourself, and get the most out of the exercise by correctly stimulating the muscle.

Hope you enjoyed today’s quick article and my personal recommendation on the best dumbbell exercises for a bigger chest and I hope to see you soon in the next article.

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