Best Supplement For Muscle Gains?

Best Supplement For Muscle Gains?

As the world of bodybuilding grows, so does the world of supplementation. Back then in the early 80′s most people were clueless of what ‘creatine’ or ‘nitric oxide’ was. In the world today most bodybuilders and weightlifters cannot live without them and have tried everything from protein powder, vitamins, all the way to the hardcore steroid use. Why is that? It’s because the supplement world is growing rapidly and people want results and they want results fast. They are constantly jumping at the chance to try the latest pill or powder that claims to be the best supplements for muscle growth. Come on, who wants to go for a work out, then eat and rest properly, and wait endlessly for their muscles to build and grow, when they can pop back a few pills, and in 30 days magically gain 8 lbs. of solid muscle?

The world of supplementation is sucking everybody in, getting them addicted and hooked on thinking they need supplements for rapid results. The truth is, supplementation plays only a small role in bodybuilding, but not many people know that, especially people who have never lifted weights and are just starting a weight training program.


So is the supplementation world a big scam to empty people’s pockets and to keep them coming back for more and more? In my opinion that is an all-out yes in most cases, but not all. Supplements don’t come cheap; they vary from 20 dollars to 100 dollars or even more. But do we need supplements to gain lean muscle and to put on weight?

We absolutely do not. Do I personally recommend supplementation? As a matter of fact I do. I’m not against the whole supplement industry, not all supplements out there are a big marketing scam. There are a small number of supplements out there, if used properly will yield results as quickly as your body will possibly allow it. So for most people who are just starting out and are wondering what supplements to use, I have listed the most effective supplements proven by scientific study that have promoted gains in muscular size and strength. These supplements are not a must have, but will greatly increase your gains if used properly with workouts. But, these supplements are not and I really emphasize NOT mandatory if you’re looking to improve muscular physique.



By far the best supplement to have in your arsenal when you’re starting a workout routine. Protein is what builds muscle in the body, repairs tissue, and is needed overall for bodily functions involving the brain, kidneys, liver etc. Protein almost found in every type of food you eat and without it, your body cannot physically build muscle. It is recommended that you take in 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight a day to maintain and build muscle.


Creatine is the most popular and effective supplements among athletes, and have been known to yield immense results in weight gain, muscular size and strength and endurance. It is highly recommended for anybody who wants to put on muscle size quickly. There have been many debates on creatine use over the years, saying it has effects on kidneys causing kidney stones etc…It’s true that creatine causes stress on the kidneys, but no scientific research has been proven to show that it causes kidney stones. If there is history of kidney disease in your family, consult a doctor prior to using creatine. In my opinion creatine is one of the best supplements for muscle growth and strength gains.

#3- Multi-Vitamins

We live in a world where we are constantly busy and we barely have time to cook meals that are hearty and nutritious. The average diet does not always supply your body with the daily nutrients required. This is where a multivitamin comes into play. With a good multivitamin supplement, you can ensure that your body is receiving the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals required for proper functioning of the body.

So there you have it, if you’re starting a workout program and aren’t sure on where to start, those are the 3 supplements that I consider to be the best supplements for muscle growth for your dollar. Once again I emphasize that supplements are not needed in order to build muscle, so if you’re on a tight budget, just settle for increasing your caloric intake and to increase consumption of lean meat, poultry etc. If you have a little money to spend, but not a lot, once again I highly recommend you go out and purchase some high quality ‘whey’ protein from the nearest supplement store. Supplements do empty your wallet overtime, but those are the supplements that I highly recommend you try out and will hopefully give you the results you want.

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