Best time to work out

Best time to work out

In this short article I’m going to answer a question that I’m usually asked when I train people. “What is the best time to work out? Should I do it in the morning or evening?” To be honest, there are many people who suggest that 3 hours upon awakening is the best time to train. All I can say is that early morning workouts are not for me. The reasoning behind the doing a workout 3 hours upon wakening is to allow you to fuel your body with breakfast, to digest and to prepare yourself for the workout. But you may be saying that you can do that any time of the day. Well that is true. But early morning is when your anabolic hormones are at its peak allowing a higher chance of muscle tissue synthesis.┬áBeing a personal trainer, I have noticed that many of my clients perform best during the morning hours. That is because they are full of energy and focused from having a good nights sleep.

With that being said, I feel like the best time to work out is whenever you feel like you are most ready and able to physically and mentally push yourself enough to spark muscle growth. Now, I really stress the mentally part of this. Your body might be physically ready, but if you’re mind is on another subject or you aren’t completely focused when you’re in the gym, you will have a crappy workout. I cannot stress that enough. There have been many times where I’ve had unsuccessful workout sessions because mentally I was not fully focused and just wanted to finish my workout quick to get home to do something.

Everybody is different and depending on your work schedule, school schedule or whatever it may be, you should try to build up a routine and have your workout times constant from day to day. That will allow your body to develop a natural rhythm and prepare itself for the gym session.


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