?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Today’s article is going to outline the best training split for maximum gains. I’m often asked what workout splits will generate the most muscle gain in the quickest time possible, and my answer is usually the same: there is no best workout training split for maximum gains. The amount of intensity and exercises that you perform in a workout is more important than what muscle is trained on what day, and paired with what other muscle. Aside from that, proper nutrition and recovery play a significant role as well. With that said, workout splits are generally based on what goals you have with your training, how advanced you are with lifting, and how often you can go to the gym.

*If you’re a beginner, it’s generally not recommended to start off with a higher frequency workout (5 days or more a week). It’s recommended that beginners start on the 3 day split that consists of full body workouts and gradually move up to a higher frequency routine.*

Workout splits can be separated into: 3 day, 4 day, and 5 day splits. There are 6 day training splits out there, but I always believe in 2 days of rest minimum a week to ensure proper recovery.

3 day splits

Full body– Full body routines consists of training the upper and lower muscles of the body in one workout. This workout is usually a lower volume workout which utilizes compound movements only. Example routine would be:

Monday: Full body routine
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Full body routine
Thursday: Off
Friday: Full body routine
Saturday/Sunday: Off

Legs/push/pull – This is another common 3 day split routine. One day of leg training, one day of push training (muscles that are involved in pushing such as chest,triceps,shoulders), and one day of pull training (muscles that are involved in pulling; back, biceps). Usually each day is separated with one day of rest in between with weekends off.

4 day splits:

Shoulders and traps/legs/back and biceps/chest and triceps

Monday: Shoulders/traps
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Back and biceps
Friday: Chest and triceps
Saturday/Sunday: Off

Upper/lower hypertrophy and power split – This is a split where you incorporate power lifting along with muscle building. Power days consists of heavy compound movements, and hypertrophy days consists of more isolation movements with slightly higher volume.

Monday: Lower body power
Tuesday: Upper body power
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Lower body volume
Friday: Upper body volume
Saturday/Sunday: Off

5 day split

5 day splits are a really common routine that many people follow in the gym. Almost everyone who has had the intent of packing on solid muscle to their frame has followed this split:

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Arms


These are the most common workout splits that are proven to add size on the frame as long as you’re willing to put in the work. Though I’ve outlined the most common workout splits and provided detail with every one, don’t be afraid to alter the splits to fit you. If you need to add a day here or there for rest, feel free. These are simply guidelines for you to follow and are not set in stone. As you become a more advanced lifter, you’ll learn what routine works best for you. See you in the next article.

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