Today’s topic as you can probably tell by the title already is about diets that help lose weight. I get messages on a daily basis asking what the best weight loss diet is, and what foods to eat to lose weight fast.

I wish I could give one direct answer to solve their problem and say something like: “The best weight loss diet is the Ketogenic diet, if you get on this, it’s guaranteed that you will lose 10 pounds in 6 days.” Or something like that, but it’s more complicated than many tend to believe.

My answer is usually that there is no best weight loss diet, and the best diet is one that you find easy to follow that can help you lose the weight that you want. It’s that simple. Nothing more to it.

There are so many magazines on shelves nowadays with bold words on the cover saying that they hold the best weight loss diet secret in their pages and that you should pick it up for a mere few bucks. Then you get disappointed only to see that it’s some outrageous diet plan forcing you to either fast for long periods of the day, telling you to eliminate carbs from your diet, or having you drink nothing but natural juice all day, and that’s just to name a few. Don’t even get me started on the stuff that you see on television on a daily basis.

Why I HATE the word diet


91eac26813eef121_no_dietLet me start off by saying that when people message me asking me for a “diet plan” or “the best weight loss diet,” I dislike that. I dislike it very much.

This isn’t because it’s a burden when people message me asking for tips, it’s because when they say the word “diet” they are looking for temporary solution, not a long term fix.

A diet to me means that once you hit your end goal of losing however many pounds you want to lose, you stop it. You might even gain all the weight that you lost back. It’s been proven that diets don’t work for the long run. After people finish their diet (however long it may be) they really don’t know what else to do. Just look at all the people you’ve seen on TV shows such as the Biggest Loser. Many of them lose upwards of 50 lbs only to get back to where they were a few years later.

I’ve also experienced it with helping people on a daily basis. I’ve trained and helped clients who have lost substantial amounts of weight, and when they reach their goals many of them suddenly ask: “so I can eat hamburgers and pizza now?”

Are you kidding me?

What you need to do instead of looking for the best weight loss diet


If you’ve ever sent me an email or message (don’t hesitate to if you have questions or inquiries), you’ll know that I often steer people away from “diets.” I also tell them that they want to lose “fat” not weight. Don’t confuse the two. A majority of people want to lose fat, but keep their muscular weight.

When people ask me for weight loss plans and hire me for coaching, I help to educate them on nutrition in the process of losing the fat over the weeks. I also help them to build healthy habits that stick with them for the long run. Not just for a few weeks or months.

The best weight loss diet is a slow adaptation to a healthier lifestyle. You probably should read that sentence over again and just let it sink in. Because it’s the truth.

It’s about making small changes that you can get used to on a day to day basis. Not only does this help in losing fat, but you’ll feel healthier and energized at the same time. And it’s since it becomes a part of your daily life, the chances that you will keep the weight off will be a lot easier than if you were deprived of carbs on a day to day basis then suddenly ending the diet abruptly.

You want to lose the fat right? I’m also assuming that you want to keep the fat you’ve lost off of your body too.

The bottom line on your search for the best weight loss diet


At the end of the day, whether you follow my advice on making small changes to your lifestyle rather than finding a quick and simple fix, you need to put in the work needed. There are many diets out there that are proven to help you lose the fat that you’ve been desperately wanting to get rid, but it’s up to you to follow it.

Quit searching for the best weight loss diet and start making small changes such as cutting out processed foods from your diet, stop drinking sugary pop, and adding copious amounts of creamer to your coffee and teas. That is the kind of stuff that will help you lose fat.

Fat loss isn’t as complicated as people think it is, and no matter what diet you end up choosing, or what you end up doing,  it’s about being in a caloric deficit on a daily basis. That’s what will determine whether or not you lose fat or not. Combine whatever diet you choose with some exercise and you’ve got the miracle recipe for losing fat as quickly as your body will allow it.

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