Efficient-Triceps-WorkoutSo I was in the gym the other day doing my regular push day workout and I overheard these kids talking about triceps work and what exercises they do to build up the triceps muscle. I heard one of the guys talk about how he wanted to develop the outer head of his triceps (lateral head) so I chimed in because I’m a nice guy like that and I always look to help people out. I am a personal trainer of course, but they didn’t know that. So I turned to them and said: if you wanna work the outer head of your triceps you should try close grip bench press or a rope pull down with a twist at the end. The guy then turned over to me and said these exact words: “man I don’t feel like bench press works my triceps out as much as bicep curls do.” Bicep curls for triceps? Now I am not kidding you. This is not an April fools or any sort of joke. The guy actually said that to me and was completely 100% serious about it. I stood there and gave him a ‘what the fuck’ kind of look and I didn’t feel like correcting him so I just replied with: “well, whatever works for you man.” He agreed and gave me some bullshit about everybody’s body is different and how he feels the burn in his triceps by doing biceps curls. How is that even possible? Unless he is squeezing his triceps when the weight is fully lowered during a the curl. So I just walked away and left them. Was not in the mood to educate or argue with him at all about anatomy of triceps and biceps.

So that’s just my little story that I wanted to share with you guys. Hope you enjoyed this because I see a lot of crazy stuff at the gym and look forward to sharing a lot more with you lovely readers.

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