Build Massive Shoulders

Shoulders are one of the best looking muscles on the upper body if developed correctly. Well built shoulder muscles will give the upper body more broad and thick “V-tapered” look that guys are usually going for. In order to build massive shoulders, you must choose the exercises correctly in terms of movement and how much weight to use for each exercise. The shoulder muscles (deltoids) are separated into 3 muscles or ‘heads’ known as the anterior (front), medial (middle) and posterior (rear). To be able to build the shoulder muscles evenly it is important to know what exercises to do to trigger stimulation of the 3 sections that the shoulders are separated in.  In this article I am going to give you 3 of the most effective shoulder exercises that will help you to build thick, round and massive shoulders.

#1: Barbell/ Dumbell shoulder press This is the bread and butter when it comes to wanting to build massive shoulders. Shoulder press movements allow you to press heavier weights that will trigger your bodies response to pack on the muscles and gain strength. The shoulder press is a great compound movement, meaning it utilizes other muscles in the movement as well (in this case the triceps and trapezius muscles).  This pressing exercise is great for stimulating the front and middle heads of the shoulder and should not be neglected if you want to add muscle and build massive shoulders.

#2: Lateral (side) Raises: The lateral raise is an isolation exercise that is great for giving the shoulders a more ’round’ and shapely look, due to stimulating the medial head of the shoulder. You do not need to go excessively heavy when performing this exercise to correctly stimulate the muscle. Concentrate on higher reps (8-12 range) while decreasing rest time (30 seconds to 1 minute max). There are many people that use too much weight and perform this exercise incorrectly by utilizing either momentum or body weight to throw the weight up. This takes the stimulation off of the muscle and can increase the chance of injury. This is an exercise where you have to keep your ego and pride at home while doing to maximize results.

#3: Rear Delt Raises: The posterior (rear) delts are often neglected in shoulder routines. Some people neglect the rear delts on shoulder days because they claim that they get enough muscle stimulation when they are doing their horizontal pull exercises on their back day. Though you do get stimulation from doing pull exercises, rear delt flies are basically the icing on the cake and should be incorporated in your shoulder day routine. This ensures that you develop your shoulder muscle evenly and do not develop a rounded posture because of weaker developed posterior shoulder and back muscles. Once again it is recommended that you go lighter (8-10 reps) and make sure your form is correct for this isolation exercise. That is pretty much it. In order to build massive shoulders take note to develop the shoulder muscles evenly and consume enough calories to ensure muscle growth. Do these 4 exercises when you plan out your shoulder routine and you should be on your way to having well built shoulder muscles in no time.

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