Man-Push-Up-629x418I love doing push ups, they are easily one of my favorite body weight exercise and can be performed in numerous ways to give the chest a great workout. They can be performed anywhere and are often becoming an underrated exercise nowadays that machines and all that junk are readily available. But aside from warming up your chest with them, can push ups build muscle? Yes they can.

Push ups are like any other exercise in the gym and if you perform the exercise with enough resistance you will trigger muscle growth. But what if you’ve been doing push ups for a while now and have gotten to the point where they’re getting easy and you no longer find them challenging anymore. I can honestly tell you that I’ve been working out for years now and I can easily do 50+ push ups with my body weight and I can still get a good chest workout from doing them while I’m on vacation or somewhere where a gym is not available to me.

You don’t have to worry, I’m going to give you 3 quick tips that can help you to increase the intensity of your push ups so that you can build up your chest!

1) To build muscle, you must increase the intensity of your workouts. One way is to increase the amount of weight used for the exercise. If you’re finding push ups to be too easy, try putting books into a back pack and doing push ups with the added resistance. If you have weights at home, get someone to put a weight on your back. This is sure to make your push ups more difficult. I used to get people to sit on my back and do push ups. Get creative! Your muscles will be sure to grow from this.

2) There are also many different ways to perform push ups to increase the intensity. If you have been doing regular push ups and are finding them to be less of a challenge, try placing your arms farther apart. Doing wider push ups focus on the outer part of your chest and use more of the chest muscles themselves instead of help from the triceps. Try this for more of a challenge. If you haven’t tried decline or incline push ups, these are sure to trigger some muscle growth for you. Place your feet on a bench or table and perform the push ups, this works the upper part of your chest. To trigger the lower part of your chest place your hands on a bench and do the push ups that way.

3) Another way to add intensity to your push ups is to perform the reps with slower tempo or with the rest pause technique. This is a sure-fire way to get your chest muscles engaged and burning. With the slower tempo I usually go for a 4 count on the way down and a 4 count on the way up. For the rest-pause technique, I like to do as many as I can, rest for a few breaths and then try for another set of the same amount of reps.

These are 3 variations to push ups that I hope you will find challenging. Push ups performed with enough resistance and intensity can spark muscle growth.

If you think that you have mastered your body weight for push ups why not try the PYRAMID CHALLENGE?

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