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Too Many Workout Sets?

Guys, I’m going to talk to you about workout sets in the gym. Far too often, I’ve seen guys performing 15-20 sets per workout and spending almost 2 hours in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, when I first started weight training, I got some workout off of the internet on a bodybuilding website and […]

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Are Dumbbells Better Than Barbells?

If you’ve ever worked out with me,  or seen me around the gym, you’ll know that I rarely ever use the barbell. For all of my free weights exercises, I usually only use the dumbbell, with the exception of dead lifts, squats and rows, where barbells are usually better. It’s not that dumbbells are better […]

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What is Occlusion Training?

If you’ve been around for a while in the fitness world, you may or may not have heard or seen this type of training called occlusion training. It’s a type of training that is becoming more popular in my gym and once in a while, I’ll see some guys doing it on arms day. What […]

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Increasing Grip Strength

When it comes to weight training, many people tend to overlook grip strength. Grip strength plays a very important role when it comes to dead lifting, grappling sports or if you want to have a killer handshake that can crush bones. Not only that, if you’re looking to be able to open up a jar […]

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3 Best Body Weight Exercises For Biceps

Guys, today I’m going to give you 3 awesome body weight exercises that you can do to target your biceps. Who doesn’t want massive biceps? That’s pretty much the only reason you’re working out right? (sense the sarcasm?) There are many people that often think that biceps can only get bigger by directly working them […]

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How To Train Abs Properly

Ahh, the question that everyone wants to know: How to train abs. This is a question that is almost as popular if not more than: “how to build bigger biceps.” It’s not that hard to train abs actually. You train them like you do any other muscle group. The only difference is you may or […]

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Back Workouts at Home

So you’ve decided to go and buy some basic weight equipment for your house after you read my last article about working out from home. Great choice and I salute your decision. Now it’s your back day and you’re wondering what types of exercises you can do from home. Well, working out from home is no […]

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Dumbbells Target What Muscles?

When I was a teenager, I built up a pretty decent physique by just working out from home in my basement using my dad’s old dumbbells. These things were those old concrete dumbbells that came in pairs of 10 pounds, 20 pounds and 35 pounds, but they have been dropped so many times that I […]

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Total Body Workout Routines!

Total body workout routines are great if you are short of time during the week and can only get one or two gym sessions in. Some people hate doing full body workout routines claiming that it takes up too much time and that they don’t want to go through every exercise for every body part. […]

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Pull ups Vs Chin ups

Pull ups vs Chin ups. Pull ups and chin ups are one of the most effective body weight exercises to strengthen and build back muscle. In this article I am going to tell you the difference between these two exercises and how utilizing both of these exercise will help you to develop the v-tapered back which […]

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