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Cardio Before Or After Weightlifting?

Cardio Before Or After Weightlifting?

This is another question that I’ve been getting a lot lately and it’s regarding when to do cardio on weight training days. Should you do cardio before or after weightlifting? I have always been a cardio after kind of guy (but I rarely pair the two up). I do it for simple fact that I do not […]

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Walking to Lose Weight

I’m often asked how to lose weight and what to do when starting out, and the result of my reply usually leaves a dumbfounded look on their face when I tell them to go for a walk. Not in the “take a hike, get out of my face” kind of way; I literally mean just […]

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Low Fat Diets to Lose Weight?

What do you think about when you hear the word fat in relation to nutrition? Do you think of phrases such as: artery clogging, fat storing, heart disease, and high cholesterol? In this article I’m going to talk about fats, how they aren’t all bad, and how they can often play a big part in losing […]

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No Sleep Makes You Fat!

Sleep. We all hated it when we were children, but as we grew older and our days started earlier and life became more hectic, we often jump for joy at the thought of getting to sleep in on weekends. I know for sure I’m one of those people that cannot wait to get those few […]

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5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

You’ve finally made the decision to live a healthier life and want to change the way you look for the better. You’ve been at it for a good month now and are seeing little to no results at all and are really starting to feel discouraged and you’re about to call it quits. But before […]

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Keep Fat Off Forever

This is no secret and I’m not offering something in exchange for money like most of the ads you see on TV nowadays. This is free and if you implement it, it will help you keep fat off forever and lose it for good. I’ve often said this to my clients before who want to […]

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Repairing A Slow Metabolism

If you’ve gone through most of your life having a slow metabolism that led to a lot of excess weight gain, you aren’t alone. There are many people who, no matter how much or how little they eat, they still manage to put on weight. Having a slow metabolism affects many people and most people […]

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Hungry While Dieting?

If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand the feeling of being hungry. I absolutely hate it when my stomach starts to growl. I just can’t seem to keep concentrated on my tasks when my stomach is constantly growling. People around me start noticing my mood change and I have been diagnosed with having sever […]

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How To Train Abs Properly

Ahh, the question that everyone wants to know: How to train abs. This is a question that is almost as popular if not more than: “how to build bigger biceps.” It’s not that hard to train abs actually. You train them like you do any other muscle group. The only difference is you may or […]

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Fun Cardio Workouts

Who says cardio sessions have to be long and boring? When people relate cardio to fat loss, one thing that usually pops into their mind is: “I don’t want to spend hours on the treadmill or exercise bike.” I’ll admit this; I hate long cardio sessions on the treadmill, it’s just so boring to me. […]

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