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Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate?

Today, I was asked for the very first time a very specific question regarding protein. Usually, it’s “hey man, how much protein should I take,” or “hey man, whats the best bang for your buck when it comes to protein supplements?” But this time, I was asked: “what’s better: protein isolate, or protein concentrate?” This question […]

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Creatine Cycle Necessary?

This is a common question that I usually get from newbies and it’s regarding creatine and it’s on and off cycles. Creatine monohydrate is by far one of my favorite supplements and have gained a permanent spot in my supplement arsenal over the years. If you don’t know what creatine is, it’s a sport enhancing […]

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Do You Need BCAA Supplements?

For many years, I’ve only supplemented with pretty much the basics which are: protein, creatine, multi-vitamins and a good pre workout. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I started adding BCAA’s to my supplement arsenal and have been consuming it during my long workout sessions. I’ve never found the need to directly supplement […]

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Pre Workout Addiction?

Ever since I discovered the power of the pre workout supplement a few years back, I’ve pretty much been hooked. Ever since the very first scoop of Jack3d went into my body a few years ago and I realized the potential and power of these supplements, I’ve given them a permanent home in my ‘must […]

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Six Star Ignition Pre Workout Sucks?

So I recently was running low on one of the MOST important supplements in my arsenal. I don’t mean protein; I’m talking about the lovely pre workout. I was down to my last few scoops, so I set out to buy some. Anyways, I decided to try something new, since the last pre workout I was using […]

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Hyphy Mud Pre-Workout!

If you know Kali muscle, you’ll know that this guy means business. The guy stands at 5’9 and 240 pounds. He’s massive. I recently watched one of his videos that’s been circulating around the YouTube fitness world like wild fire and you may or may not have seen it. This video is none other then […]

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Pre Workout Energy Supplements

Over the past few years, pre-workout supplements have taken the supplement industry by a storm. These supplements on their own are a multi-million dollar industry and becoming one of the most popular sports supplements.  Many people have experimented with this supplement one time or another and for good reason, it provides great immediate results and […]

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Is Too Much Protein Bad?

So I was at Wal-Mart the other day picking up some protein powder because I’m starting to run low. Now I know a lot of you guys are going to give me heck saying: “why in the hell would you go to Wal-Mart to buy protein, when there are good health food stores out there?” […]

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Protein Powder Obsession?

Most people have become infatuated with protein ever since it became big in the supplement industry. New comers spend countless dollars on protein supplements thinking it’s some miracle powder that will give you massive results in a couple of days. I have no idea where this protein powder obsession came from. The most common question that […]

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Are Protein Supplements Necessary?

I’ve always been a natural kind of guy when it comes to ingesting foods, and have always preferred real whole foods instead of any sort of powder form. I just don’t trust that powdered stuff you know? With that said, I do consume protein shakes daily. But are protein supplements necessary when it comes to […]

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