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Creatine Safe for Women?

With what I’ve experienced from providing nutrition and workout plans to women is I find that not many women are into the whole supplementation thing. They tend to take more precaution and care when it comes to supplements because lets face it, most women don’t have the desire to build huge amounts of muscle and […]

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Why Can’t I Look Like Her?

“Why can’t I look like her?” Everyone usually has a friend who’s the same size, height, and build as you who seems to be in better shape and weighs a lot less than you.  And you’re constantly wondering why you can’t have that same body down to the pound? Well, quite honestly, everyone is made […]

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How to Get a Bigger Bum

This one is definitely for the ladies. I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and it’s regarding how to get a bigger bum. Now if you feel that your butt lacks shape and size, and you want it to look like the ones that you see floating all over the internet, don’t worry. With […]

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Working Out During Your Period?

This is a rather sensitive topic but it will not be a sensitive post. If you’ve ever had questions regarding fitness colliding with your time of the month, this is the post for you. I can guarantee that all of us, ladies, have used our time of the month as an excuse to get out […]

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Improving Posture For Women? 3 Tips!

I don’t train women often, but a few days ago I received a message from a young lady asking me how to strengthen her back, because she heard that it can fix her natural slouch and help with improving posture. I get really excited when women come to me asking me for fitness advice, because […]

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The Weight Scale for Women

The weight scale is a universally used instrument that comes in different shapes, sizes, and forms to measure out your weight. We see these devices in everyone’s bathrooms, gyms, recreation centers, and sometimes even in offices at work. The scale has become one of women’s necessities in life. Every single lady friend I know has […]

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Small Women VS Big Weights

Nothing makes me cringe more than watching small girls who are just getting into weight lifting picking  up weights that are way too heavy for them to handle. I am a small woman and there are women that are much smaller than me that want to get into lifting weights just to keep fit. They […]

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Stop Emotional Eating

As a female who has suffered (and still occasionally do) from emotional eating – or what is also known as stressful eating – I can relate and understand how defeated and down one may feel. Ladies, have you ever had one of those days where you just feeling down and perhaps even a little gloomy? […]

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Sweating is a Part of Working Out

There is one thing that prevents a lot of women from starting any form of exercise, and often the same thing prevents them from pushing harder in their workouts: the uncomfortable level of sweating. Fitness enthusiasts will laugh at this fact but in reality, it is a very common excuse for women. A lot of […]

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Lifting Weights for Women

When a lady friend comes and inquires about weight lifting, I often get asked the same question over and over again: “Will lifting weights make me bulky?” I would also be lying to you if I didn’t say there was a time I thought the very same thing. In the Fitness World, professional body building […]

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