Tired3Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Like a lot. I’m not talking fiction books about vampires, zombies, or dragons in a far away land. The books I’m reading are self help books and books that can not only take myself as a person to the next level, but elevate my business as well. If you’ve been following me for the past few years, you’ll have known that I preach that you should always try to grow and change as a person, not only physically, but also mentally so that you get to experience different versions of yourself through your walk of life. I’m a strong believer that if you want to change your life, you have to first change your mindset and focus on yourself. Changing yourself will change things around you. Changing yourself will also change circumstances around you. You control your own life. Not anybody else. Anyways, back to the article.

I’m writing this article because let’s be honest. It’s March now, and so many people who have come asking me for advice during the last week of December so they can mentally prepare themselves for their weight loss or fitness resolution, have mostly fallen off the tracks.

Some have fallen off as quick as the second or third week into January, and some have made it this far and are seeing no measurable results and are only starting to give up now. I’m hoping to save the people who are starting to lose motivation now. Though I secretly hope that after reading this article some of you will hop back on and not quit until you reach your goals. The thought of going to the gym to attain that new body that you’ve been wanting for so long only to have that thought quickly replaced by the reality of  shopping with friends, or sitting on the couch to watch a few episodes of your favorite show on Netflix, is a lame excuse, and I can relate. Hard. Though I don’t have much trouble going to the gym, I can relate to this from a business perspective.

I know how hard it is to push yourself to do something that you don’t feel like doing. The reality of humans as a race is that we tend to gravitate to doing things that are quick, easy, and painless for us. Not the things that are hard and require effort. The sad thing about this is that 90% of the people out there would rather do things that are quick and easy, rather than doing things that will help change themselves. It’s so much easier to turn on the T.V or play a few video games rather than making a trip to the gym, but at the end of the day, you either did the work that you needed to do, or you didn’t and you’re still standing at square one with the body or life that you’ve always hated and will continue to hate while living this so called “easier, painless, effortless life“.

So how do you get yourself motivated to stay on track?

helping-handChange the people you hang out with. Plain and simple. I’m not telling you to give up your friends, but in life: your group of friends is highly determines who you will become and how your mind and body are shaped from it. If you’ve always had no money, do you hang around people who don’t invest and save money but would rather spend it when they can? If you’re overweight, do you hang out with friends who constantly go out to eat? If you’re unhappy with where you are in life, do you hang out with people who are content and settling down? Who you hang out with is who you become, and if you’re noticing that this is the millionth time you’ve made a decision to diet, or put on more muscle, or living a healthy lifestyle, you need to evaluate your life and start looking around you. The people that have the same mindset as you, will often pull you and motivate you to reach your goals. Don’t feel like going to the gym? What if your best friend dragged you to the gym instead of saying “hey, let’s go get some pizza.”

People who succeed usually choose to do the things that are needed to be done, not the things that they want to be doing. I can relate to this because this is a constant struggle for myself day in and day out. I want to take my business to the next level, but it’s so much easier to not make phone calls to supplement companies, not sending out emails to other fitness sites, and not promoting my brand. But I do it. I work hard at it, and it pays off.  The other things, while they can be fun, won’t get me to where I’m trying to be in life. I know that, and that’s what keeps me going forward day after day.

This is how you reach your goals, and this is the reason that I’m writing this article. When I first started out my fitness website, I would much rather not write articles than write them. But at the end of the day, I always did, and now have over 200+ articles on this website and some great loyal readers (thank you) and subscribers (thank you guys as well). I invite you to open your mind after reading this. I hope you will take control of your life, do what needs to be done, and I want to see people reaching their goals, and becoming a stronger and better version of themselves. Do you remember that milk commercial as a child? “Always Grow. Grow all ways.” Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys in the next article.

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John considers himself as a fitness enthusiast who loves to do anything to keep the body in peak physical performance (much like a highly tuned machine). He mainly focuses on sports nutrition and supplement research, but is also highly knowledgeable in relation to muscle growth and fat loss. He's helped numerous people over the years achieve the body that they've always wanted and hopes his information will guide you to the goals you want.

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