Best way to get in micronutrients

Best way to get in micronutrients

Do you often feel like you never have enough energy, you’re tired all the time and often feel lazy and unmotivated to anything? This might be common for most people who don’t get enough sleep, but what if you’re making sure you get your 8 hours a night to try to rejuvenate yourself but are still feeling groggy all day?

You might be suffering from common micronutrient deficiencies. If you don’t know what micronutrients are, they’re simply vitamins and minerals.

You see, we now live in a world where everybody is ‘always on.’ It’s always a constant struggle to find time to do the things you love and to juggle that around work life. Unfortunately, with the constant time that we’re chasing, we often neglect what we eat. Come on guys, I know most of you have been there and done that.

How many times have you opted for a fast food dinner instead of cooking food, because you had to go out with someone or do something? With the time restrain, most people often reach for the foods that are quick and easy, but are often the least nutrient dense. They go for the foods that provide the fullness and calories that they need to do what they want, but the foods are often lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients that are vital to allow the body to perform at a peak state.

It sounds all too familiar right? For all the car guys and gals out there, imagine that your body is a car that you really love, the ultimate dream car that you’ve always wanted. You wouldn’t go putting in low grade gasoline and no name oils and cheap fluids in it would you? How do you think your car would run if you constantly used only those fluids?

With the lack of nutrients that your body gets, it’s the same thing. The most common micronutrient deficiencies are vitamin D, E, iron and Zinc.

Now you might be saying to yourself, how the hell do I track my nutrients and what foods can I eat to make sure I get these nutrients? Well to be honest, it’s actually pretty hard to do. What you can do is to make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables (I’m pulling out the parent card). A diet that contains high amounts of fruits and vegetables will be enough to provide you with these essential nutrients that you need.  Some of you may be saying: “well, why the heck do I need fruits and vegetables when I can easily pop back a multivitamin?’

It’s not the same thing! Whole food sources will always beat out the man-made multivitamin or protein powders. Plus popping back one or two vitamin pills will not always give you the optimal amount of nutrients that your body needs, how does one pill magically fulfill the vitamin needs of a small body vs. a big body or guy vs. a girl? It can’t! This is why it’s essential to eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can, and pair that with the multivitamins to ensure that you get adequate amounts

So for some of you that are often reaching for that cup of coffee two or even three times a day to fill that energy void, by changing the foods that you eat, you can easily fuel your body and get noticeable energy results.

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