BM-Bench-Press-1024x665If you’ve been working on your chest for a while and not noticing too much improvement in size, relax. You aren’t alone. For some people, pecs are one of the hardest muscles to add mass on to. There are many guys out there that go to the gym week after week and beat the crap out of their chest doing crazy sets of bench press and dumbbell presses without any noticeable muscle increases.

If you haven’t been seeing the results you want and have been working out for a while now, there can be a number of factors that limit the proper stimulation of the chest. It can be anything from incorrect form and technique, not enough volume or not eating enough calories to promote growth. Any one of these factors can severely cripple your chest gains. Now, if you’ve been performing bench press and dumbbell pressing movements for the chest with strict and proper form, consuming enough calories and still are noticing no results, then read on.

In this article, I’m going to tell you that bench press is not the key if you want to develop bigger pecs. Though the bench press is deemed king of chest exercises, it’s not the only way to build up a big muscular chest. The reason being is that the bench press is a pressing exercise, it’s not an isolation exercise like the dumbbell or cable flies. You can hate me all you want for saying that, but it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the bench press. For me, it’s one of my favorite exercises and is the bread and butter to my chest workout. But for some people, it only provides mediocre results. The reason being, is that everyone responds differently to different types of exercises for the chest. Some people respond with pressing movements, while others respond to isolation and squeezing exercises.

If you have only been doing bench press for the majority of your chest workout and only a few sets of dumbbell flies, I suggest you focus on doing more chest flies.

The reason being is; the more you do bench press, the more you will develop a better and stronger bench press. Meaning the muscles involved such as triceps, shoulders and chest will get stronger. This is exactly why some guys notice that their strength increases without too much muscle increase. Their chest isn’t getting properly stimulated during the movement and depending on how you bench press, your triceps might do most of the work. Think about this: how often have you done bench press and chest press exercises and notice that your triceps are the ones giving out before your chest does? It’s happened almost every single time for me. This is the point where guys usually end their workout right then and there. When they cannot physically push any more weight. This is due to the triceps giving out, not the chest. With this problem, many people often NEVER work their chest to the point of muscular failure to trigger growth!

This is why I always add in chest flies to the end of my workout.

**If you’re reading this and chest pressing gives you great stimulation and is resulting in great muscle gains, go for it. I’m not beating up bench press in this article and saying that it doesn’t develop bigger pecs. Because for most people it does. I’m only giving out alternatives for chest stimulation. For some, chest flies do a better job at triggering muscle growth than the bench press does. **

If you are not an athlete and strength isn’t your number one priority and you are ONLY interested in building bigger pecs overall, dumbbell or cable chest flies will help you develop bigger pecs. The reason being, like I said earlier; chest flies are an isolation exercise that directly stimulates only the chest muscles and leaves out the triceps and shoulders.

For me personally, I like to super set my bench press with chest flies, that way I can make sure that my chest is properly stimulated.

So if you were reading this article in hopes to getting an answer on how to develop bigger pecs, I hope reading this gave you some good information. So next time you’re in the gym, try putting more emphasis on chest flies and hopefully you will get results.



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