Thick Abs vs Flat Abs

Thick Abs vs Flat Abs

When it comes to getting a six pack, having low body fat percentage to reveal your abs is one thing, but if you want to develop thick abs that are muscular and have a lot of size to them, you’re going to have to do more than just crunches on a daily basis. If you want thick abs that protrude out of your stomach and have deep ridges, you should train abs like any other muscle group, which is with higher intensity and less volume.

When it comes to abs training, many people actually overlook the fact that abs are just like any other muscle. They often focus on high reps and high volume (some train with over 100 reps per ab session), often creating nothing more than just a flat midsection.

Now having a flat midsection might be your goal, and that’s totally cool, but if you want more than just flat washboard abs, you must train them to the point of hypertrophy. In order for them grow and develop; you should train them to the point of muscular failure every single time you work them out. The key to developing big thick abs is that you must you must use full range of motion and a rep range that allows hypertrophy, so anywhere between 6-12 reps depending on what your body responds to.

Now let’s first talk about full range of motion. Many people I know have always trained abs without full range of motion. They’ve always done abs exercises on the floor and since the floor stops them from moving any further, they do not achieve full thoracic extension and full abdominal muscle stretch. This is a key if you want to effectively work your abs. A tip that I have for you, is to perform abs crunches (weighted or non weighted) over a yoga ball or anything that allows you to extend further back more than the floor does.

Now how do you develop thick abs? As I stated earlier, you must understand that in order to develop thick abs, you have to train with an intensity that triggers muscle growth. You have to ignore the person who tells you to do 15-20 straight minutes of abs crunches with 20 sets+. There is a difference between fatiguing a muscle vs causing muscle hypertrophy.

Why develop a thicker and stronger midsection VS just a flat one?

8-pack-abs-670Having a thick strong midsection has many benefits such as strengthening your lower back and increasing performance in sports, because it allows a better transfer of power from the legs to the arms. So STOP working out abs with high reps and start doing heavier movements to really strengthen your abs.

Here is a workout routine for abs that is guaranteed to help you develop thick abs:

1) Hanging leg/knee raises: 3 sets until failure (add weight if necessary)
2) Cable Crunches: 4 sets of 10-12 reps (make sure you extend all the way back to achieve a full stretch and contraction in your abdominals with every rep)
3) Decline Crunches: 4 sets of 10-12 reps

It’s important to note that the just as any other muscle in the body abs do need adequate rest to grow bigger and stronger. So if you have the goal to develop thick abs, I would suggest that you train them 2 times a week maximum, and skip the every day ab sessions if you are already doing so. See you guys in the next article.


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