Do you need a personal trainer to help you out?

Today’s article, which you can probably tell by the title already is about hiring a personal trainer to help you with your goals. Many people often wonder to themselves if personal trainers are worth shelling out their hard earned money for.

Do you need a personal trainer, or can you really succeed in with your fitness goals being a complete newbie?

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that people avoid paying for things that they ultimately can do by themselves. Whether it be for fat loss, building strength and muscle, or increasing their athletic ability, many stray away from hiring a coach or personal trainer to help them with their end goals.

Being able to do something VS being able to do something well are totally different when it comes to fitness. For example: you can learn how to do squats by yourself by watching videos, reading articles, and looking at pictures, but if you’re not someone who has the ability to learn new things and follow little intricate details, you may end up learning something wrong and hindering your progress over time. It can even lead to injuries in the long run which can be detrimental to your training over all.

So when exactly do you need a personal trainer?

Trainers can be expensive, though well worth the money in the long run if you have been struggling in the gym for a long time now and are just spinning your wheels rather than getting anywhere.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you would want to hire a personal trainer.

1) They can teach you new things 

If you’re a complete newbie to the gym and have no experience whatsoever, having a personal trainer help you get into the groove can be very helpful. As I’ve stated above, they not only can help with learning new exercises, and perfecting form with certain exercises, but they will serve as someone who will get you familiar with your surroundings and machines so you don’t look lost most of the time. You don’t to be the guy who doesn’t know and always does biceps curls in the squat rack. Many gyms offer personal trainers to help you, and can even offer a few free training sessions upon signing up.

2) They provide constant motivation

Going to the gym when you don’t feel like it is one thing. But not going while having investing your hard earned money into a good personal trainer makes you feel a bit more guilty if you want to skip a few sessions a week. If that isn’t motivation enough for you to get your butt into the gym often, personal trainers also help push you to become someone you never thought you could be. I say this with experience from training countless people. There have been many times where I’ve trained clients who come in with the “I don’t think I can do this” mentality on every exercise and they end up pushing beyond the limits that they’ve set for themselves. Not only does this help with physical results, but it can change the way a person thinks of themselves as well. Having a personal trainer can help you find a sense of confidence with every day tasks as well.

3) They help you push past your limits

This ties in with the last point that I’ve made and relates directly to it. Personal trainers help you push beyond your limits. Just when you think you can’t do the last few reps, having someone there to encourage you can be the difference in whether you spark change in your body or if your hard earned effort is doing nothing. Many people stop at the threshold of fatigue and pain, but having a personal trainer can definitely change you for the better.

4) They can keep you from hitting plateaus

Having a personal trainer construct workouts for you on a on week to week, or month to month basis can help you drastically when it comes to preventing the slowing of gains in the gym. They can help ensure that your body doesn’t adapt too much to training by incorporating new exercises, muscle building techniques, or changing the routine completely to keep you from getting bored, while still getting the results that you want.

5) They provide positive insight

Having someone assess your progress over time can be very helpful when wanting to achieve a goal relating to weight loss or muscle gain. Personal trainers can serve as a second eye to help you bring up weak spots with strength, or even distinguish when body part is lagging behind another body part to help you develop a well rounded physique and help with preventing muscle imbalances. Have you ever seen someone in the gym with huge arms, but a small chest, back, and shoulders? Having a personal trainer crack the whip on you to work out legs, when you want to work out biceps everyday will be highly helpful to you in the long run. Trust me. Trainers don’t let trainees skip leg days.



If you want to hire a personal trainer, make sure you do research. Anybody thinks they can be a personal trainer nowadays by looking lean and athletic, but few actually possess the scientific knowledge behind fat loss nutrition and proper training. Before you hire a personal trainer, check their credentials, and if they have testimonials take a look at that as well. That will help you to really find out if they are worth the money.

Stop wasting your time in the gym. If you haven’t seen any measurable results with months of training, it’s time to get into gear and have someone propel you in the right direction. Hiring a personal trainer doesn’t have to be for the long run, but you never know. Some personal trainers become good friends and become a great investment into your life for the better.

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