fitness train

fitness train

So recently I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends that were on the fitness train are suddenly hopping off. These were the people that dedicated weeks and months to building the body that they wanted and are just throwing it all away because their work schedule has changed or something has come up in their life. The biggest excuse that I get from people are that they have ‘no time to work out’, or ‘no time to eat healthy.’ Now i’m not going out and saying that you have to work out 3 or 4 times a week, or that you should eat healthy, but this excuse has been driving me crazy. My friends that say they have no time usually spend the majority of their night on Facebook, browsing the web or watching some TV show. You DO have time, you just got your priorities mixed up.

Now I wouldn’t be as frustrated as I am about this because obviously it’s not my life. But these are the people that have asked me over and over again for workout routines, meal plans and personal fitness sessions and I do it for free! I don’t charge them a single dime. I work around my own busy life and devote time to them because I genuinely want to help. They go hard at it for a few months and then something comes up. Their work schedule has changed, or they suddenly got into a relationship and have no time to go to the gym or anything. They usually stop working out and eating healthy for a few months and then realize “oh crap, I’m putting on a little weight, maybe I should call up John to get another meal plan or work out plan.”

So how do you get back onto the fitness train after you have fallen off? Well the first thing you should try to do is to not fall of the fitness train to begin with. When you set a goal to lose weight or to get fit you should always have the end goal in mind. Everyday that you wake up, you should be able to see and envision what your life would be like when you do reach that goal. What is your life going to be like when you lose that 50 pounds, or gain that 10 or 20 pounds of muscle? You need that motivation to keep going even when you feel weak and you want to give up. Seeing what you will become and how people will react when you reach your desired goal is the best thing you can do for yourself mentally. I say this because most people set a goal and they do not take it seriously, they do not really want to change. It’s more of a “if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t I wont be hurt from it.” This is why people often give up. They want to lose weight. They want to build that fit body, but they don’t want it bad. They don’t want it as bad as they want to go out to eat with their friends. They don’t want it as bad as they want to go out and party. They don’t want it as much as they want to have drinks with their buddy. If you’re reading this and this sounds like you, you need to start making changes to your life or else you might never see the goal.

Like I said before, if you want to succeed, you will need to find something that motivates you. For me, I saw what my life would be like once I reached my goal of building muscle and losing fat. I didn’t want to be a chubby kid anymore. I wanted women to be attracted to me. I woke up and imagined what my life would be like everyday. That was the motivation that pulled me to the gym every single day, even when I didn’t feel like going.(you can read about me here)

So I don’t want to keep you reading for long. Just something that has been on my mind for a while and that I thought i’d share with you readers. Till next time.


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John considers himself as a fitness enthusiast who loves to do anything to keep the body in peak physical performance (much like a highly tuned machine). He mainly focuses on sports nutrition and supplement research, but is also highly knowledgeable in relation to muscle growth and fat loss. He's helped numerous people over the years achieve the body that they've always wanted and hopes his information will guide you to the goals you want.

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