Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

One tip to maximize fat loss is to surround yourself with positive people. This one is extremely important and I cannot stress it enough. This might hurt your feelings a little bit, but your friends and family might be the reason that you’re putting on those excess pounds and preventing you from losing it! Are your friends making you fat?

Think about this for a minute. Your mindset is generally shaped by your outside influences and the people you associate yourself with. If you’ve got a ton of people telling you that you will never succeed at your fitness goals (or any other goals in life for that matter), you most likely won’t.

If you are always around people with high metabolisms that constantly eat junk foods without gaining a single pound, it’ll make you think that you too can indulge on junk food with no repercussions. Now everybody’s body is different, your metabolism might be a little slower than many of your friends and if you’re with them all of the time, you most likely will eat the foods that they eat instead of following your own routine. In that case your friends are making you fat.

Take it from me,  I have tons of friends that party every weekend, drink excessively, eat whatever they want, because they are not trying to build and maintain a lean physique like I am. If I followed what they did, I would end up like most of them, fat and overweight. Those guys are constantly nagging and bugging me to come have drinks with them, or go out to eat, but I’d rather not sacrifice my hard earned work for a night that can potentially set me back a couple of days or even a week. When it comes to wanting to reach your goal, it’s basically you vs yourself.

Which leads me to this next point: should you drop friends that are constantly bringing you further and further away from your fitness goals in life? Should you stop hanging out with your best friend because he has different values in life when it comes to fitness, and if you follow what he does you’ll never end up losing your fat? No you shouldn’t, but I’ll be completely honest with you, sometimes I skip out on guy time if all they’re doing is going for drinks and eating. The reason I skip out is simple. Let’s face it… if you’re eating clean foods like salads, while your friends are chomping away on wings and having beers it’s kind of hard to resist. Having one junk meal a week will lead to another, and another, and it just keeps going on.

I don’t recommend you change your circle of friends completely, and I sure as heck don’t recommend you to eat clean foods all the time. Eating healthy tasteless foods all of the time can drive a person crazy. So once in a while, have a hamburger or some pizza. It will not kill you. Just limit the amount of junk foods that you eat. With that said, here are my 2 tips if you are hanging out with friends which I use regularly.

1) Eat before you head out to meet your friends: I do this almost 100% of the time when I go out to play sports or shoot some pool or whatever friends decide to do. I eat at home. It is a great way to save the 10-20 bucks on a meal out, and it sure is a lot healthier when you know how many calories, how much sodium, protein, etc are in the foods that you eat.

2) Pack your meals ahead of time :  If you’re out for the day on a road trip, or spending the day out, pack a few small meals in some Tupperware containers and keep them in your car or bring along a backpack! Once again it cuts down on the money spending and allows you to eat healthy.

Well there you go. Hopefully this article is going to open your eyes to what your friends are eating and drinking and how it affects you. Remember that fitness is supposed to be fun, losing weight is a long journey and won’t happen overnight. You will sometimes be forced to eat junk, or sometimes have a friend’s birthday party where you get drunk out of your mind at, but remember that it’s okay. I have a few friends that once they break routine during the week, they go all out and eat whatever they want. One junk meal WILL NOT kill you.


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