Who says cardio sessions have to be long and boring? When people relate cardio to fat loss, one thing that usually pops into their mind is: “I don’t want to spend hours on the treadmill or exercise bike.” I’ll admit this; I hate long cardio sessions on the treadmill, it’s just so boring to me. It’s very rare that I will ever hop on the treadmill or bike to perform cardio.  Just the thought of running or pedaling  in place for 30 to 45 minutes is enough to make me rethink my cardio session. Thankfully there are tons of other ways to help burn fat. Here are some fun cardio workouts that I usually opt for when I’m looking to shed some excess weight.

skip-hop-speed-skipping-rope-blueThe skipping rope: This is definitely one of my favorite ways to burn calories. I love skipping rope and it’s usually a lot more than hopping up and down in place for me. This is way more advanced then what I did in grade 4 back then. There are many little tricks that help me work with foot coordination that keeps me focused and having fun at the same time. It really helps time to pass when I’m doing it. I can easily do an hour or so of just skipping rope. I usually burn about 400 calories in about 45 minutes of skipping rope. This is highly recommended if you want to add some variety to your cardio sessions. Learn it!


aerobicsHome cardio/aerobic exercises: Nowadays there are tons of free cardio exercise videos that you can do from the comfort of your own home. On YouTube alone you can find hundreds of full session cardio videos that are more than just ‘hop and run in place for a while.’ I love doing these types of workouts and one of my favorites being Tony Horton’s P90x program. He has some great cardio workouts that are fun and can help you burn anywhere from a whopping 500 to 800 calories in just an hour session! You can also look to join aerobic fitness classes at your local gym. One gym by my place offers hour long cardio sessions where you learn how to fight with light-sabers.


swimming-poolSwimmingThis is one of the cardio exercises that most people avoid or completely forget about when they’re looking to burn some fat. Swimming is a full body exercise that helps to burn loads of calories and you do not have to worry about high impact injuries because your joints are supported in the water. I usually try to swim once a week or so.



Boxing_s_mobile_Punching_bagKickboxing/speedbag: Who doesn’t want to let out their anger and frustration after a long hard work day while also burning calories? Combining kicks and punches helps to improve your overall coordination while burning a ton of calories. The more body parts you move the more calories you burn. This is an excellent overall body workout. If you don’t have access to a punching bag, shadow kick boxing works just as well. It’s just more fun to punch and kick things!


There you go. These are my 4 most favorite alternatives to the treadmill and exercise bike and should make time fly while helping you burn off lots of calories. That said, if you’ve read my previous article on nutrition and fat loss, you’ll know that cardio sessions are not the most important thing when you want to lose fat. Cardio (short for cardiovascular) is more for your heart health than anything. Losing fat can be done simply by following a strict nutrition plan that carefully monitors your calories. Cardio workouts are basically the icing on the cake that helps to accelerate the fat loss by burning extra calories to help you stay under your daily calories needed to maintain weight.

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