Build huge arms

Get huge arms

So I was in the gym the other day and had a group of kids walk up to me asking what exercises to do to build big arms. I asked them why they came to me instead of other guys in the gym and they replied with: “You look like you know what you’re doing and you’re pretty buff.” I took that as a compliment, told them that I was a personal trainer and then proceeded to tell them how to build big arms.

I then told them that since they are beginners, they should focus on big compound movements like bench press and barbell rows which will result in overall upper body size and strength. Right after I told them that, they thanked me for the advice and walked away. After a few minutes I decided that I would casually go check up on them while taking a walk to the water fountain and found the guys doing biceps curls.

*Now why the heck would they ask me, if they were not going to take my advice? I’m sorry I didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear which was probably: “Do biceps curls.”*

One mistake that most ‘newbie’ lifters make in the gym is placing way too much focus and emphasis on direct arm exercises. I don’t blame them,because what do guys want when they’re picturing their future selves? They probably picture themselves having huge muscular biceps that girls will drool over. So what do they do? They slave away on endless sets of barbell curls and tricep push downs in the hope of developing a massive set of guns to impress the ladies.

The reality is if you want to build huge, muscular arms, isolation exercises will not have as much effect as if you were to do bench press or barbell rows. You have to remember that every pressing movement for chest and shoulders also stresses the triceps, while every pulling motion for back also stresses the biceps.

The best way to effectively stimulate arm growth is to focus on heavy chest and back training. By the time you finish a chest or back workout, your arms will have received more then enough stress to effectively stimulate new growth. As you progress in weight and reps on your basic upper body compound lifts, your arms will always follow along. Think about this: Do you think your biceps will get a better workout by curling 25 pounds? Or if you were to barbell row 150 pounds?

It is not realistic for somebody who weighs 130 pounds to have 19 inch arms. Your arms will not experience any appreciable size gains until you pack on a decent amount of muscle onto your chest and back. And if you are 160 pounds with 19 inch arms and a small chest and back, that might be a little weird. For now you should focus on heavy compound movements and finish off with a few sets of biceps curls or triceps depending on what body parts you’re training.

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