neck pain.previewMany people get muscle trigger points, commonly referred to as muscle knots.  Those painful, pesky knots that can occur in the neck, upper back and shoulder region that can cause discomfort, headaches and can sometimes cause you to be immobile depending on where it’s located. If you’re lucky it will be short lived, but many knots can cause pain for days or even weeks until they are dealt with.

Muscle knots are fairly common and can be caused by sports injuries, over-stimulation of muscles due to strenuous exercise, or simply due to poor posture. If you notice that you are getting knots frequently in your shoulders, neck or upper back, the likely and most common cause is a postural issue. I have received numerous questions on how to get rid of  muscle knots and tension and though I am no masseuse, I am fairly familiar on how to deal with this problem since it occasionally bothers me too.

The best, and often most cost effective way to get rid of muscle knots is through self-massage or stretching. Many knots can be released by gently massaging them yourself, but for more stubborn knots, you might need to pay a massage therapist a visit.  But before you start massaging those knots out, you’ll need to apply heat for a few minutes to increase circulation. When a muscle becomes knotted, it constricts the blood flow to that area. After you apply heat, you can use your hand to massage reachable knots on your neck and back. For the knots that you cannot reach, a good trick here is to use either a tennis ball, a foam roller or get someone who’s willing to help out. I personally prefer to use a foam roller and I find that it works amazing for finding knots in the back and legs and does a great job of helping to remove them. To successfully get rid of muscle knots, you should massage the area for 5 minutes at a time, 2 to 3 times daily, until the knot releases. I have linked a video below detailing how to use a tennis ball to relieve muscle knots. It’s a great thing to have around!

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