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Here at YourFitnessCorner, we are ALWAYS looking to share high quality articles that are well written and that relate well to the fitness industry. The readers that come to this site are focused on information that can help with muscle building and fat loss, but articles that can contribute to nutrition and health are highly welcomed as well.

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Now you may be wondering; “What’s in it for me?”


If you contribute a high quality article that is approved, we will offer a link back to your website that can in turn boost the traffic to your website and get you known to our thousands of readers that are growing everyday.

So how do I submit an article?


You can send me an email and submit your whole article in the email section. Submit your content here!

What will make my article get published?


Like I said before, we are looking for quality¬†articles that are written by yourself. There is no maximum length requirements for the article as long as it is over 300 words. You should try to be unique.¬†Everybody’s writing style is different so try to make it interesting enough to grab your readers attention and get them hooked! Your article should also contain a good title and also ‘keywords’ that are you are targeting in the body of the article. Spelling and proper grammar is also important, but I will be happy to edit your content for you and still make it clear enough to get your point across.

All submissions are welcome!

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John considers himself as a fitness enthusiast who loves to do anything to keep the body in peak physical performance (much like a highly tuned machine). He mainly focuses on sports nutrition and supplement research, but is also highly knowledgeable in relation to muscle growth and fat loss. He's helped numerous people over the years achieve the body that they've always wanted and hopes his information will guide you to the goals you want.

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