How to increase arm size

How to increase arm size

So I train a lot of scrawny guys (no offense to anyone) in the gym and the first thing they ask is how to increase arm size.  Arms have been used as the ultimate ‘gauge’ to toughness and strength for as long as anybody can remember. Huge arms or “guns” is what guys some guys really as their end goal when starting a workout regimen and it’s true. What’s the first thing you typically look at when someone says they’ve started a to workout? That’s right, you look right at their arms to see if they’re any bigger and then go proceed to  comment. You don’t go looking at their quads, back or chest. So what are some tips for bigger arms? How do you go about increasing your arm size?

Well not a lot of guys know this but, only doing bicep curls in the gym accounts for only a small portion of your total arm size. Now i’m not saying that bicep curls will not increase the size of your arms. They will. But if you want to add overall size and thickness to your arms, you should be looking at devoting more time to the triceps. The triceps is the muscle that is on the back of your arm and makes up 2/3 of your total arm mass. Look at the picture in this post and how monstrous those triceps look. If your goal is to have huge thick arms and you’ve only been doing biceps curls, here are some of my favorite and most effective triceps exercises to add mass to those arms quick:

Diamond Pushups: I usually warm up my triceps by doing diamond push ups. These exercises are like basic push ups except your hands are together and your right and left thumb and first finger form a ‘diamond’ shape. If you are just starting a workout routine and have never worked your triceps before, these push ups are sure to be a challenge for you as they place almost  100% emphasis on the triceps.

Close grip bench press: This is one of my favorite triceps exercises for mass. I notice that it works more of the lateral head of the triceps. This exercise is similar to bench press except that your hands on the bar are no more then a foot apart. This causes the triceps to take most of the stress load. This is the main exercise for adding mass when it comes to triceps training and should be done first to ensure that maximum effort is getting put on the triceps.

Lying triceps extensions (skullcrushers): For the longest time lying triceps extensions have been my favorite triceps exercise.  This can be done with dumbbells or barbells. This exercise places a lot of emphasis on the long head of the triceps. Take note to not use too much weight when performing this exercise. Select a weight where you can perform 10-12 reps.

Rope pushdowns/ cable extensions: I tend to finish off my triceps workout with rope or cable pushdowns. I usually do as many reps as I can to finish off the workout. This exercise is very effective in stimulating the the medial head of the triceps.

This is basically it. My basic triceps work out routine. If you follow this workout and perform these exercises with intensity, you should notice your triceps growing and the overall size of your arms growing. You should also take note that there are three heads in the triceps and they should be worked out evenly. Do not neglect the separate heads of your triceps. So next time someone asks you how to increase arm size, hopefully you will tell them to work out their triceps!



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