Bench press. One of the ultimate exercises in the gym that determines how much of a man you are and how much respect you

Increasing Bench Press

Increasing Bench Press

earn, by how much weight that you can press. EVERYBODY knows that.  This is often considered to be the ultimate strength test for guys. “How much can you bench?” is probably the most common question that comes up when people find out that you are starting to work out. If you are struggling with the bench press, either with 35lbs or 300lbs and you want to be able to lift more because your manhood (or womanhood)  is on the line, here are some tips on increasing bench press strength.

Tip #1: Increase the amount of volume during the week. 

A lot of guys think that training with heavy weights and lower reps is the key to gaining strength. Though that is true to a point, muscle strength and growth can also be attributed to higher volume training. Ending your chest workout routine with one or two sets of high volume training ( 12-15 reps) is a great way to trigger the growth response of muscles.

Tip #2: Strengthen muscles related to bench press.

This might seem very obvious, but is one of the most important keys when it comes to increasing your bench press strength. The bench press is a compound movement, meaning that other muscles are engaged as well as the chest for the movement. There are many young guys in the gym that struggle with lifting heavier weights for bench press simply because their triceps and shoulders are underdeveloped.  The front of the shoulders as well as the triceps can account anywhere from  25 to 50% of the lift determining on where the hands are positioned on the bar.

Tip #3: Use correct form.

Once in a while I see someone perform the bench press incorrectly. Now you’re probably wondering how one can perform that exercise wrong. Well it happens. The proper form for bench press is to have your shoulders tucked back and the back slightly arched to ensure that the chest is more involved in the movement and not the arms. This might be one reason why your bench press numbers aren’t as high as they can be. You may in fact, be utilizing more of your triceps and shoulders if you are not careful with your form. Not only does not having proper form have an impact on how much you can lift, but may cause your shoulders to be more prone to injury. Proper form is not only important to increasing bench press strength, but will prevent injuries as well.

Tip #4: Plant your feet on the ground.

I’ve seen some guys bench press while having their feet on the bench and I can tell you that it is just silly. Not only is that unstable and dangerous when pressing heavier weights, they are taking away from their strength. Having your feet planted firmly on the ground not only creates a more stable base, but allows you to drive your powerful legs into the ground generating more force and energy for your lift. Now many people make the mistake of lifting their butts off the bench when pushing with their legs, which is unnecessary. To properly drive your legs into the ground for maximum power, you will want to push your legs outwards as well as down in a diagonal line.

Tip #5: Make sure you’re hydrated before your workout

Hydration plays an important key when it comes to muscle size and strength. Hydrated muscles can be worked at 100% of their strength allowing you to work at your optimum levels every time you work out. One tip here is to start hydrating a few hours prior to your workout, making sure your muscles are fully saturated. Hydration not only plays a role in strength, but will help prevent injuries as well.

There you have it. 5 Tips on increasing bench press strength. Hope that helps you guys to lift heavier weights. If you enjoyed this article, please share it


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