want vascular arms?

In this article I’m going to give you a few quick tips on increasing vascularity. Many guys are often wondering how to get their arms to be more vascular and how to develop prominent snakelike veins slither down their arms. To us guys, it looks pretty bad ass and is something guys strive for when they’re looking to build an aesthetically pleasing physique. To the girl you’re trying to hit on at the bar, having arms that are too veiny, well, she might find that a little¬†disgusting. Trust me, I’ve been there. But anyways on to the tips.

Before I get started on the tips, I just want to state that how much your veins pop out and how prominent they are is highly affected by genetics. I know some people that no matter how much they try, they cannot get their veins to protrude out of their arms.

On top of genetics the amount of body fat you carry, ambient temperature and water retention are other things that can prevent having snakelike veins. Any one of these factors can lead you to looking less vascular.

The best way to get those veins showing is to drop your body fat percentage. This is the main reason why many guys are not vascular as they would like to be. Do you ever notice that a lot of scrawny guys sometimes have crazy veiny arms? Having a low body fat percentage (less than 10%) decreases the fat between your muscle and skin, this not only increases the look of muscle definition, but you’ll achieve increasing vascularity as well.

Second way to get those veins showing would be to decrease the amount of water retention on your body. Many people tend to eat way too much salt and that causes a lot of excess water to be stored under the skin. A lot of people hear that water retention is the reason why their veins aren’t showing as much as they could be and they don’t drink as much water as they should. The truth is, the more water that you drink, the more your body will get rid of it.

Third way to increase vascularity would be to start doing occlusion training. Many people I know have had success in increasing vascularity with this type of training. Occlusion training involves restriction of blood flow in the legs and arms with either knee straps or wraps. This allows blood to travel into the arms or legs, but have a harder time traveling back to the heart. This allows for insane muscle pumps and vascularity.

That is pretty much the best ways to increase vascularity. There are a few supplements on the market that you can buy that will help increase vascularity, but it is only for a short period of time.  I hope these tips help you guys in your quest for crazy veins.

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