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Joey has inspired many people to work hard to attain their ultimate aesthetic physique. It took him 4 hard years of training and eating a ton of food to build up his physique to where it is today, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. This week’s spotlight is dedicated to him, showing that hardgainers indeed can transform their body and put on some great mass. Hard work, determination, and most importantly, consistency goes a long way to building the body that you want. I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting Joey to answer a few questions so here they are:

joey11) What was your lifestyle like before you made fitness a part of your daily lifestyle?

“A lot of partying that’s for sure! It was endless nights of just going out and drinking every night.”

2) Why did you decide to take training seriously to reach the point of where you are today? 

“I just woke up one morning, and realized how disgusted I was with my physique and decided that it was time to really make a change for myself.”

3) What is your biggest accomplishment in relation to fitness?

“I suppose the greatest achievement in relation to fitness is the fact that from my own journey, I have met a lot of fantastic people locally and worldwide who share the same interest in fitness as I do, and that they continue to follow, and support me. This encourages me to keep moving forward.”

4) What is your current training split? 

“I don’t really have a training split due to the fact that I don’t rely on doing the same workouts/splits repetitively. I strongly believe in changes, and for change to happen every chest/back/legs/shoulders session will be different from the last and so forth. Rest days as well are random, I will usually rest when my body tells me I need it.”


5) What’s your approach when it comes to nutrition? What’s your absolute favorite junk food?

“To be honest, I just eat as much as I can because my metabolism is so fast. Mostly foods such as brown rice w/chicken breast and spinach for the three meals during the day and it whatever goes for dinner. I normally have cheat Sundays where its all pizza all day ( 3x 12” pizzas).
My favorite junk food? … well that’s obvious isn’t it? Pizza! loaded with all-meat topped with anchovies, spinach and extra extra blue cheese.”

6) What are your favorite supplements?

“Citrulline malate – Hands down is my favorite supplement, providing amazing pump and blood flow during training, and resulting in immense vascularity. ”

Untitled7) What tips do you have for someone who is a “hardgainer” like yourself and are trying to achieve a goal of putting on mass?

“Find out what and how your body reacts to different training styles where you change up every 4 weeks to determine which program works best for you. Not everyone’s body is the same, so one’s teaching may not work as well as another. Understand your body’s reaction to different “macro ratios”(IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS). In order to attain a particular physique, it does not require you to to eliminate “bad” food, you just simply have to set a limit and make sure it can work with your nutrition/diet within your daily calorie intake. Lastly and most importantly as a hardgainer patience is the key. No matter what supplements or weight gainer you are taking, it will give you only the slightest edge on others. Just don’t give up and keep moving forward. When you start to see results it will become addictive and that’s when you start progressing even more.”

8) Do you see yourself lifting and training for the rest of your life? How has the fitness lifestyle affected your life?

“Well, its really hard to tell what the future has in store for us, but I will definitely keep going until I can’t anymore. This fitness lifestyle has been a life saver for me, as I have stated earlier that my younger years were filled with partying and trouble. Fitness has disciplined me, allowed my mind to focus on self improvements, and has helped me to progress through each day with a better attitude in my other daily activities. I’d be scared to find out the “what if’s” of not switching to the fitness lifestyle when I did.”


9) Any future plans for fitness?

“Only to continue on with motivating and inspiring others to keep on with their fitness goals, and share my knowledge with everyone that I can.”

10) Who are your inspirational fitness models/bodybuilders that you look up to?

“Frank Zane in terms of pros he is definitely my pick. He inspired me due to being one of the shortest of contestant to stay on stage during the golden era. And….Zyzz, hahahaha, well what can I say. When I first had the thought of changing my body, he was the first person I had seen on the internet that was going viral. He had the ideal physique, of course that is based on my ideal view of a beach body.”

I’d like to thank Joey for taking time out of his day to answer these questions. If you want to see more of him, check him out : Instagram@Joey

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