Keep Fat Off Forever

Keep Fat Off Forever

This is no secret and I’m not offering something in exchange for money like most of the ads you see on TV nowadays. This is free and if you implement it, it will help you keep fat off forever and lose it for good.

I’ve often said this to my clients before who want to lose fat: “If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, this goes a way beyond the physical aspect of things. You must understand that you have to change how you think and you have to adapt a new lifestyle.” Failing to adapt a new lifestyle and mindset will only lead you to gaining all, or most of the weight back after you have been successful, if you ever reach that point.

Take a look at the “biggest loser” show that is on TV. Often times, those contestants go right back to their starting weight and end up at square one after they have lost hundreds of pounds. Why is that?

It’s because their physical appearance may have changed, but more often than not, their mentality has remained the same as when they started. If you want to keep fat off forever after losing it, you will have to change your thoughts.┬áConfused? Let me elaborate.

I often have friends that come to me for fitness and nutrition advice and I gladly give it to them. They follow what I tell them to do and train hard for the first few months and then after a while, they start losing motivation and go back to their regular habits. I have a few friends that have been at the same weight for years despite of all the nutritional help and training plans that I give them.

The thoughts and actions that you have and go through on your day to day life, dictates how your life will be up until the point where you decide to change them. Did you understand that part? Go back and read that sentence again. Carefully.

Someone who has the love for food and enjoys eating, will find that going on a calorie and food restriction will often be the hardest thing they will ever have to do. It is not until they change their habits and mindset will they start to see progress and achievement. It’s not until they understand that they do not want to eat the foods that are not good for them and accept it is when they will see results.

Someone who values good food, video games and lounging around has a different mindset from someone who values sports, nutrition and health. I have often said this to my clients as well. “You will get to your end goal, but you will not get there if you are the same person you are now.” Fat loss as well as any goal in life, is a long journey and requires a lot of mental change as well.

Pushing to achieve something ALWAYS requires effort. Your effort can only take you so far and when you’re feeling the slightest bit lazy, the opposing force will push back, and what do you think will happen? This is why the guys I give nutritional advice to often never change. They are constantly pushing themselves to go to the gym when the things that they love such as food and video games surround them in their lives.

If you find that you are constantly forcing yourself to go to the gym when your values are video games and sitting in front of the TV, there will often be times where your own will power will be weak. This will ultimately lead you to feel like taking it easy or want to skip the gym to do the things you value more than working out. This is where the change in mindset comes in.

Here is a simple trick for you. You have to focus on your end goal and often envision what you will be like in the end when you achieve the fat loss. This is a very powerful technique. You will have to envision how and what your life will be like once you lose that 20 or even 100 pounds. This will be the key in helping you lose that weight. Seeing something that you are not, will ultimately PULL you towards your fat loss goals. It will give you the determination to not eat the foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating, and will give you motivation to go to the gym and do ┬áthe things that you need to do when you are feeling lazy.

I leave you with this quote, and this is what I live by in my day to day life. “If you want success, you must do what you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Make that quote become a part of your life, and I guarantee you will reach any goals you may have in your life.

Good luck on your fat loss journey.

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