fguy_stewroids_sc083_0051fIf you’ve been going to the gym for a while now, you might have seen a few guys that are full of themselves. You know, the guys that do a few reps and just spend time looking at themselves in the mirror, walking back and forth trying to look intimidating or doing punching and kicking movements trying to draw attention? Those guys.

These are the guys that are in the gym to prove how ‘manly’ they are so they rack up as much weight as they can on the bench press, perform one or 2 reps while making as much noise as they possibly can and look up to see who’s watching them bench press that 240 pounds. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in the gym. If you’re going to the gym to show off how much weight you are lifting and playing off the ‘I’m tougher and stronger then most of you” persona, while giving off dirty looks and acting like a you own the place, you’re going to gain that ‘he is a complete and total d-bag’ reputation. (no offense to anybody reading this)

Almost every single time I’m in the gym there is this one really big guy with some friends circled around him watching him bench as much weight as he can for a single rep and struggling his ass off (though it is an impressive 240 pounds*sense the sarcasm*). I have never ever seen him work any other body part other then chest let alone even warm up or anything. He is obviously there just to show that he can push really heavy weights with his arms and chest. Good job, here’s a cookie. If you want to be respected and known as the guy who can out lift anybody, just do you thing and people will take notice. No need to try to attract attention.

These guys are the guys that keep newbies from setting foot in the gym. I’ve had a few clients ask me to train them, but in private because they’re scared that they’ll look wimpy and skinny compared to some of the guys in the gym. Let me say this; the only person that you should try to outwork in the gym is yourself. You should not be intimidated by the bigger guy lifting bigger weights and try to out lift him. If people are really there to become stronger and build a great physique, they will understand everybody has a place in the gym, and EVERYONE has to start somewhere.

When I’m in the gym, I am fully focused on how much weight I am going to lift and how many times to do it. I finish that, and move on. I seldom notice anybody in the gym and how much weight they are lifting. In my humble opinion, the guy that is trying to curl way more weight then he can handle, with horrid form and a red face, looks way dumber then guy that is curling a weight that he can manage with slow strict form. Remember that. So fellas, leave your egos at home, go to the gym to train for yourself and not anybody else.


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