To build muscle everybody knows that you need to spend countless hours in the gym working on the muscles to make them bigger. The more you work them out, the bigger they will get. Everyone knows that! The more time and effort you put into something , the more you will get out of it right?

This concept of more is better is not essentially true when it comes to trying to put on size and strength. You have to let your muscle rest in order for it to rebuild itself and recover. Why is it that when it comes to bodybuilding the less time you spend in the gym the bigger you get? The truth is you only need to spend under 2% of your total available time in the gym. Sounds too good to be true right? Well i’ll answer your question right here and now, and leave you able to sleep tonight. Because its while you sleep you grow!

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What I said up there is 100% true, its while you sleep you grow, you don’t miraculously grow bigger while AT the gym for 2-3 hours at a time! In order to build muscle, you must provide your body with sufficient recovery time and nutrients in between workouts. Recovery is absolutely crucial for you to see gains in your weight training program.

Think of it like this, a friend once told me that muscles are like buildings, and your workouts are like earthquakes. Imagine every time you go to the gym your hitting the ‘buildings’ with massive earthquakes, and it takes time for the buildings to be repaired, and they have to be built stronger to withstand the earthquake if it ever happens again. Well what if earthquakes continuously keep hitting the buildings before they’re able to be repaired.. what do you think will happen? The building may in fact be repaired as smaller and weaker structures. This works the same for muscle growth. the key point is RECOVERY , it cannot be stressed enough. I totally hope you understood that analogy that I used with buildings and earthquakes, because it makes sense to me and should make total sense to you too, if you’re looking at serious gains.

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