Bodybuilder physique vs female fitness physique.

Bodybuilder physique vs female fitness physique.

When a lady friend comes and inquires about weight lifting, I often get asked the same question over and over again: “Will lifting weights make me bulky?”
I would also be lying to you if I didn’t say there was a time I thought the very same thing.

In the Fitness World, professional body building is a male dominant sport. It dates back to the late 1890s where the very first strongman competition was held. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that women finally started to enter the body building world professionally. For years, there has been controversy over this matter for women. The most commonly heard statements is that “She looks like a man” and “That’s not very lady-like.”

The result of these male dominated competitions has somehow ingrained into our minds that if women began lifting weights, we will become bulky. Will we? The answer is ‘No’ and here are just a some reasons as to why.

1. Testosterone

The female body cannot produce nearly the same amount of testosterone as males do.  Therefore, women can work equally as hard as men and still result in noticeably less mass gains.  Testosterone is the main hormone in men that give their body the ability to gain considerable amounts of muscle, whereas women’s main hormone is estrogen.

2. Fat Percentage

In general, females have a much higher fat percentage than males; reason being is that our bodies need the fat for child bearing. The fat is stored in many different areas of our bodies like the hips and thighs (to support pregnancies) rather then the abdomen which is more common for men.  It is harder for women to lose fat to resemble the body of a male body builder because of the natural law requiring women to have a higher body fat percentage.

3. Sports Enhancements

The most infamous “sports enhancement” that pops into your head when you think of body builders is steroids. You are not wrong. The usage of growth hormones and testosterone is very common in the body building world. Women cannot naturally build a physique that is comparable to a male body builder unless they increase their testosterone levels by taking  hormone enhancements.

A majority of women do not want to consider building a professional body building career, but more commonly seeks to sustain a healthy and strong physique. Learning to balance the three essentials which are cardio, weights, and nutrition, you will undoubtedly become healthier, you’ll slim down, and obtain a stronger body.  Lifting weights for women will not only will help you lose weight faster, but can also help you keep that weight off longer.

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to hit the weights!

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