If you’re serious about bodybuilding and trying to build muscle, getting sick or feeling under the weather is one of the worst things to that could happen to you. Everybody gets sick once in a while and it’s natural but depending on the severity it can keep you out of the gym for a couple of days to a couple of weeks and that can often have a severe impact on muscle growth. There’s always that one question that is always asked; can I continue lifting weights when sick? Some people will answer yes to that question and say that its okay depending on how sick you are and some people will say no.

Working out while sick or feeling under the weather is definitely not recommended. You can go ask any doctor, or personal fitness trainer out there. They’ll most likely give you the same answer and that is to let your body rest and recover fully before resuming work outs. Weight lifting, especially with progression weight training can severely impact the body and stress it and working out will ultimately do more harm than good for your body. Many people are not aware of this but when your body is sore after a work out, your immune system is highly affected too. Your body is all focused on using most of its energy to try to repair the muscles as quickly as it can and that can often leave the immune system weaker and more vulnerable to viruses etc. When you are sick, your body is trying to use all nutrients provided and adequate amounts of sleep to try to fight off the ‘intruder,’ but if you have just spent a heavy day in the gym lifting, your body will use the nutrients you provide it and split it up, in order to combat the sickness and also to repair muscles, so in most cases it will prolong the recovery time for muscles and the sickness. Also another good reason to stay away from the gym is to keep yourself from spreading germs to other weight lifters and to get them sick! Unless that’s what you are aiming to do. Hey, some people out there are sick. (no pun intended)

When you are sick, you should take as much time off needed as possible to recover 100 percent. Don’t worry about it affecting your muscle loss, getting healthy should be your first priority. So don’t sweat it, remember to listen to your body and train smart!

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