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Burning fat can often be a long journey and most people give up before they reach the end goal. It’s pretty easy to lose motivation and focus when you’ve got a long way to go and the results are minimal.  Here are 5 of the best methods to burn fat, and help keep yourself on track and to stay motivated on your long journey ahead.

Method #1: Do NOT weigh yourself daily!

This is one of the most common things that people tend to do when they’re just starting a weight loss program and it will often lead them to give up before they even make any progress! You see, we currently live in a world where people want results and they want results fast. Not only for fat loss, but for anything that they want to happen. I’m going to tell you this; there is no magic potion or anything that will make you lose fat fast. You might be lighter in the mornings because you’re body has been dehydrated, but once you drink a few glasses of water and wait a few hours, you will notice a slight weight increase if you weighed yourself again. So a tip here is to only weigh yourself once a each week. Same day, and preferably right after you wake up.

Method #2: Cut your calories gradually! 

This is another reason why people tend to fail before they see any results. Once they make up their mind to shed some pounds they decide to cut calories so much that they are constantly hungry. This is a HUGE mistake. DO NOT let this be you. This is very important. Many people do not fully understand how calories work for the body and assume to lose fat they have to eat as little as they can.  If you cut calories too drastically, your body will see that as a threat to it’s survival and will decrease its metabolism and go into starvation mode in which it will try to hold onto its fat stores for energy. Which will not be beneficial to you once you decide that you can no longer stand being hungry and decide to gobble up every bit of food you see!

Method #3: Include a weight training program or resistance program.

Cardio is not the only way to burn calories. Though people tend to gravitate towards the treadmill or a bicycle in the gym when wanting to lose weight, a solid weight training program will go hand in hand and double your chances of success. The reason is that with weight training you start to build muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn in a day.

Method #4: Eat more fats. Healthy fats.

This is one of the biggest things that most people do not do when wanting to lose fat. They do not consume any fats! Though it might sound downright stupid to eat fats when trying to lose it, it does hold true. Multiple studies have shown that consuming healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, and natural nut butters have been proven to help decrease the amount of fat on the body. The reason is that when you consume an adequate amount of  healthy fats daily, your body sees no need to hold onto fat on the body and burns it off.

Method #5: Decrease carbohydrate intake, not cut out carbohydrates!

When you want to burn the fat off of your body, you should aim to lower your daily carbohydrate intake. This is so the body will start to burn off its extra fat stores for energy. A lot of people make the mistake of cutting out their carbohydrate intake completely! This often leads to having low energy throughout the day, loss of mental focus, and has a negative impact on fat loss. When wanting to cut down on fat, you should aim to be consuming lower amounts of carbs, and stick with complex carbohydrates like fibrous veggies, whole wheat products and brown rice. Be sure to stay away from processed carbohydrates like white bread, pastas and any sweets.

Hope you enjoyed the 5 methods to burn fat. By following these methods you will be sure to see the fat loss sooner than later. Remember that losing fat takes time and is not something you should expect great results with within a few days. Good luck on your journey!

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