kevin-weiss-online-fitness-coachWith the world wide web constantly expanding, and with more and more users gaining access to the internet on a daily basis, it’s becoming so simple to reach out to people who need help, and even easier to find the help that you need to reach your fitness goals. It’s no surprise that an online fitness coach is popping up here and there. But are they worth your hard earned money VS hiring a personal trainer?

What are the pros of hiring an online fitness coach?

1) They are cheaper than hiring personal trainers – This is the biggest reason of why people hire an online fitness coach. Because they are less expensive than personal trainers. Personal trainers can charge anywhere between 40$ to upwards of 100$ an hour for training sessions. Which can be quite expensive over the long run. Many online fitness coaches often offer a more affordable packaged deal for either weight loss or muscle gain.

2) Often provide 24/7 support through email – Many online fitness coaches that I personally know offer constant support through email to their clients until their end goal. This should be something that you look for when hiring an online coach. Do they offer 24/7 support? Or do they do a once a week check in kind of thing? This is something to look for when searching for an online coach in case you have questions regarding your dietary guidelines, training, or just general comments or concerns regarding your program.

3) Total freedom of your training – Having access to an online coach means that you can train anytime that you want. Many personal trainers can get quite busy with their clients, so they can’t always meet you at a convenient time.

What are the cons of hiring an online fitness coach?

1) Motivation – If you’re looking at an online coach, chances are you will have to find a way to motivate yourself to get to the gym, do the exercises that are outlined, and reach your end goals. With programs that are emailed to you, there is no guaranteed success that it will be completed. One benefit to having a personal trainer is that they will push you to finish the routine, encourage you when you feel that you can’t push anymore, and motivate you to work harder in the gym.

2) Nobody to access correct training technique – If you’re someone who has no prior experience to lifting, your efficiency will be affected in the gym due to lack of knowledge with proper technique. This may also become dangerous when performing compound movements such as squats.

3) It’s harder to gauge results – Due to an online trainer not being able to watch you perform and complete workouts, it’s harder for them to gauge where you are when it comes to progress. Training by yourself means that you need to keep track of what you’re doing on a day to day basis and keep honest about the amount of effort you put into your workouts.


Finding an online fitness coach isn’t hard. There are many that are on YouTube who provide amazing coaching at affordable pricing. If you’re someone who is a complete newbie to the weights, finds that you need a program to follow, someone to keep you accountable to really help you reach your goals, a personal trainer might be a better path for you to choose.

If you’re a little more knowledgeable around the gym, and have some experience and just want some guidance to help you, then online coaching might be able to do it for you. But the straight answer is that it depends on who the person offering the coaching is, what their credentials are, what type of knowledge that they have, and what your end goal is. These reasons alone will often determine the end result of the person (you) who is paying for the coaching.

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