Bodybuilder-Screaming-Grunting-at-the-GymYou guys have probably heard of the infamous line: “no pain, no gain.”  This is pretty true when it comes to building muscle.

Hard work goes a long way in life with anything and ever since the era of bodybuilding erupted and people started focusing on building an ultimate physique, that proves to be true in the gym as well.

To be able to build muscle and make the gains you want, you have to understand that you must overcome the discomfort of hard exercises to see results. I know that sounds stupid, but many people are often guilty of doing this. They tend to go for easier and more comfortable exercises like machine leg press, cable rows and seated machine shoulder press instead of performing harder more stressful exercises like barbell squats, barbell rows and dumbbell shoulder presses.

They simply want the results, but with half the effort.

How many times have you stopped performing an exercise when you could have pushed out a few more reps? I know I have and this has happened many, many times. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I cannot stress this enough and have said it many times in my past articles: Muscle is built through stress and adaptation. If you do not stress your body to a certain point during an exercise, you will not see results. Simple as that.

I’d be lying if I said that there were days where I didn’t feel like working out, felt lazy and often hopped onto a smith machine or a chest press machine instead of lugging those heavy dumbbells around. It’s just way easier, less stressful and more comfortable on the body to use machines.  Everybody has those days once in a while and some people have them more than others.

I was stuck for the longest time on squats and thought I had plateaued. I could never seem to get past 260 pounds on the squat and stayed there for about a year.  The reality of it was I was afraid to push heavier. I was afraid to do the work that was necessary in order to spark the growth. I was always too afraid to push past the comfort zone and enter that zone where my body felt physical strain. The reason being is that leg workouts are intense and take a toll on the body. I hated that feeling of pressing heavy ass weights for legs and getting the crazy feeling in your stomach and all over your body that makes you feel like throwing up.

You guys that have done a heavy leg day can all agree with me here.

This is just how muscle is built. If it was easy, a lot more guys would walk around as giants. But as with anything great that comes in life, you have to put in the work necessary to get there. From that point on, after I pushed past my so called squat ‘plateau,’ I now always push my body every single time in the gym to the point of discomfort and then some more. You have to train like a beast to become one! So for all of you that are scared of pushing your body to the limits, you have to understand that in order to progress, you have to overcome discomfort for muscle gains.

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John considers himself as a fitness enthusiast who loves to do anything to keep the body in peak physical performance (much like a highly tuned machine). He mainly focuses on sports nutrition and supplement research, but is also highly knowledgeable in relation to muscle growth and fat loss. He's helped numerous people over the years achieve the body that they've always wanted and hopes his information will guide you to the goals you want.

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