My weapon of choice.

My weapon of choice.

Ever since I discovered the power of the pre workout supplement a few years back, I’ve pretty much been hooked. Ever since the very first scoop of Jack3d went into my body a few years ago and I realized the potential and power of these supplements, I’ve given them a permanent home in my ‘must have’ supplements arsenal.

I’ve honestly grown to love the pre workout powder so much, that it has become my favorite supplement and I would easily choose it over protein if it ever came down to it. The reason I say this is because pre workout supplements give my body the ability to always give it 110% in the gym to make sure I work hard enough to stimulate muscle growth. Without the intensity in the gym to trigger muscle growth, it doesn’t matter how much protein I eat, the body will not synthesize new muscle tissue. Plus, protein supplements are not always necessary because you can get your protein from whole food sources. Extreme immediate energy, making you feel like the hulk on the other hand, a cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it.

Anyways, I’ve recently noticed that I’ve got a slight pre workout addiction. Let me tell you what I mean.

I don’t know about you guys but, ever since I used pre workouts a few years back and experienced the super effects of it, I’ve been consistently using it for my workouts most of the time, aside from odd 2 to 3 weeks every once in a while where I cycle off to prevent adaptation to caffeine. I’ve only recently noticed that when I’m not taking it during my off cycle, I feel like I don’t get the most out of my workouts anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still get in an effective workout, but I sure as hell don’t push it as hard as I would if I took a scoop prior to my workout. It might be more of a mental thing, but it sure as hell makes me feel like ‘aww man, this workout is gonna blow.’ Every single time. It leads me to wondering if supplement companies notice what’s going on, but keep pushing and advertising these supplements to guys to get them hooked. Marketing ploy? I couldn’t tell ya.

I’m not the only one experiencing these effects without it. I’ve asked around and found that many other guys in my gym also have a slight pre workout addiction. 8 out of 10 guys I asked said that they feel like they wouldn’t be able to get the most out of their workouts and perform at their peak potential without this supplement.

The problem with these stimulants is that you are often trading a temporary high state of immediate energy for a state of low energy later. That leads many people to often reach for that extra cup of coffee or even more stimulants to provide the body with energy. This is pretty much a cycle that never ends and proceeds to a point where it can have effects on your mood, energy levels and sports performance. In my case, I feel that my sports performance is suffering without it. Consuming pre workout and experiencing the power and energy that you get is anything that I’ve ever felt before. Going to a workout without it, I can feel the difference; it’s pretty much night and day. Cycling off of pre workout and having to work out without it, is basically comparable to living months on millions of dollars and all of a sudden have a limit to your bank account. This is definitely one supplement I feel that can easily and are being abused by people.

So with that all said, I’m going to try and stay away from pre workout stimulants for a while to try and bring up the motivation that I used to get in the gym. Maybe that will get rid of my pre workout addiction. I just don’t want to be one of those guys that cannot physically hit the weights with full intensity without getting a stimulant in. What do you guys think? Leave comments or questions below and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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