Pre workout supplements

Pre workout supplements

Over the past few years, pre-workout supplements have taken the supplement industry by a storm. These supplements on their own are a multi-million dollar industry and becoming one of the most popular sports supplements.  Many people have experimented with this supplement one time or another and for good reason, it provides great immediate results and we all know that anything that provides immediate results is amazing. Everyone loves quick results.

Pre workout energy supplements provide immediate mental concentration and stimulation for you to bust through your workouts. If you’re looking to take your workouts to a whole new level or are in need a mental push to get you through your workout, I’m not going to lie; these supplements will do you wonders.

The first time I took a pre workout supplement, which happened to be Jack3d, my whole world basically exploded. Within minutes of taking this supplement I could feel the effects. The amount of energy that I immediately felt and that was surging through my body was amazing. I can honestly and sincerely tell you this: I have never lifted so much weight and performed sets with so much intensity in my life. I honestly felt like I was the Hulk in the gym and I was exploding with energy. After my first workout, I knew pre workout energy supplements had to be added to my ‘must have supplements’ list.

Though this supplement is great, it’s not for everybody. If you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, some pre workout supplements will hit you fairly hard and keep you alert and awake for hours on end. That’s because the main ingredient in most pre workout supplements is caffeine. The caffeine content in one scoop of some pre workout energy supplements are equivalent to 4 or 5 cups of coffee and you should be aware of your caffeine intake if you also consume coffee, green tea or sodas throughout the day. Caffeine isn’t the only thing that is in pre workout supplements, many companies often add in extra blends that can lead to greater muscle pumps, longer sustained energy, endurance, increased nutrient delivery etc.

One thing you should note before consuming any type of pre workout, just like any other supplement, is that you should do your research. There are many people I know that do not respond well to the stimulus that pre workout supplements provide and they end up feeling nauseous and sick. Another big ingredient that is in some pre workout supplements to watch out for is beta alanine. Beta alanine has benefits such as increasing your over ability to reduce muscle fatigue, but it often creates a whole body tingling sensation, which on most people can be severe and highly uncomfortable. The first time I took a pre workout that had beta alanine, I felt like scratching my face off. The feeling of course wears off after a while though, so it’s nothing to be alarmed by.

Another thing  to take in consideration with taking pre workout supplements is that you must be aware to cycle off after a period of time. If you are taking pre workout energy supplements and feel like it no longer has the effects that it once had on you, it might be a sign to cycle off for a while. I usually cycle off of this for 2 weeks after a month of use to keep my body from adapting to the caffeine and minimizing or cancelling out the effects of the supplement.

Pre workouts have gained a permanent spot in my supplement arsenal. They have provided me with the extra push that I need on days where I’ve felt lazy or needed a mental boost. Like I said, if you want to take your workout to a whole new level, you should consider trying pre workout energy supplements, but keep in mind if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to search around for ones that have less of a caffeine content. Read the labels!


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