Can't seem to lose weight?

Can’t seem to lose weight?

If you’ve gone through most of your life having a slow metabolism that led to a lot of excess weight gain, you aren’t alone. There are many people who, no matter how much or how little they eat, they still manage to put on weight. Having a slow metabolism affects many people and most people do not know how to go about fixing it to get their body to speed it up to hopefully burn some fat. In this article, I am going to tell you that repairing a slow metabolism is more than possible, even if your body has gone through years of being highly sensitive to calories.

I know so many people that often only eat one or two meals a day yet result in constantly packing on fat. They’re doing everything they can to eat less, but why can’t they lose a single pound? Now you’re probably wondering to yourself, how big are these meals for them to keep putting on weight? Well to be honest, these meals probably don’t even come anywhere close to what their body needs in order to maintain their current weight.

I’m going to try to put this into the simplest explanation that I can to help you understand why this is happening. Many people who are carrying excess weight have drilled into their minds that “the less I eat, the more fat my body will burn.”

If you’ve read my previous articles on fat loss, you’ll know that eating a certain number of calories that is below your daily maintenance calories will lead to fat loss. So why is eating one or two meals a day while staying under your maintenance calories leading to excess fat storage? Well, eating a few hundred calories less than what your body needs will cause it to burn fat. But eating far too little for extended periods of time will often have the opposite effect.

The reason being is that eating way less than what your body requires actually causes the body to slow down it’s metabolism because it recognizes that it is in a state where food is not readily available for energy. As a result of this, it has to slow the rate in which it burns off calories in order to conserve energy. It’s basically saying: “I need this many calories, but you’re giving me way less than what I’m asking for, so what the hell, I am just going to slow down the rate that I burn off food to use as energy later.”

If you’re looking at repairing a slow metabolism, the only way is to increase the amount of food you eat in a day. But very gradually. Repairing a slow metabolism for some can take weeks or even months.

Many people read on the internet that repairing a slow metabolism simply requires you to increase the calories and frequency of eating. So they end up eating tons and tons of food in a day and that leads to them putting on more weight! This is because your metabolism is already slow and adding more food quicker than what it can burn, will cause it to store fat.

To begin, you have to find out how many maintenance calories your body actually needs in a day. This is the amount of calories that you need in order to maintain your body weight. This number is derived from multiplying however much you weigh by 15. So for example if you weigh 175 pounds, you would multiply that number by 15 to get a rough estimate of how much calories you need in a day, which is 2625.

I know a lot of guys that weigh around 275 pounds, require over 4000 calories a day, but are only consuming about 1000 max! Does this sound like you?

Now you have to take your slow metabolism in consideration when adding calories. Adding too many calories in a day will lead your body to store fat, like I said before. One tip here is to eat whatever you are eating, but up your daily calories by 200 each week. So if you are eating 1000 calories a day today, start adding 200 calories to your daily intake for the week. Then at the start of the week, add 200 more, until you have reached your daily maintenance levels.

Depending on how slow and damaged your metabolism is, this could take weeks or even months to jump start it again. Remember to start slow and that nothing comes overnight. Pair this technique with a half an hour to an hour of walking a day and you’ll be on the road to losing excess fat in no time.

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