The man himself

The man himself

Yes! The long awaited Scooby1961 video was uploaded today. If you don’t know who this is, he’s one of the most respected and one of the first guys to start a fitness channel on YouTube.  I have been looking forward and was excited all week for this video. Last week, he announced that this video will make creators of overpriced fitness programs mad, and I’m sure it’s going to stir up some controversy because he has almost 500,000 loyal subscribers that watch his channel on a daily basis.

This video reveals the hard truth that women don’t like muscles! That hurts guys like me, who have spent years building a physique solely to attract women! I’m just kidding, but it is true that over many years, the multi-billion dollar fitness industry has portrayed that a ripped and muscular physique is the forefront of attracting women. They constantly advertise all over that having massive pecs and washboard abs will magically attract women. And the thing is MANY young guys buy into this, which gets the already rich fitness guys, even richer. Over the years, Scooby has shown that he doesn’t like shortcuts in fitness, and really despises people who like to make a quick buck off of newbies. This is one of the reasons that I respect the damn guy. He’s just so honest with helping people. If you have watched the video (posted below) he takes a shot at the millionaire fitness tycoon Mike Chang (the most popular fitness channel on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers) saying that he uses the “chick magnet” tactic as a way to sell his product. In the video Scooby outlines the 10 most common attributes that attract women to guys, and muscle isn’t even on the list, though it does help with many of the factors that can score you that date.

I even asked my girlfriend if muscles attract her and she told me its true, she doesn’t look for muscles in a man.  But to each her own.  Many women prefer personality over body, but there are others who do have muscles on their top ten.  I hope many of you will find this video a bit of an eye opener, and to help prevent you from falling into fitness traps, fat burning scams and marketing tactics that sugarcoat the truth.

Enjoy the video.

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