women smallNothing makes me cringe more than watching small girls who are just getting into weight lifting picking  up weights that are way too heavy for them to handle. I am a small woman and there are women that are much smaller than me that want to get into lifting weights just to keep fit.

They all seem to go about this in two different ways. They will either avoid lifting weights completely and are content with just cardio in fear that lifting weights will make them extremely bulky. Or they’ll be determined to lift the heaviest weights as they possibly can handle, risking their safety and forgetting to keep in mind that everything takes time, especially weights.

Ladies, if you fall into the category of ‘small’ and you’re looking to gain strength, build muscle, or reshape your body, weight lifting will be key, so don’t be afraid of them, but also don’t jump in blind. I would highly suggest starting with body weight to light weights or no weights at all and slowly work your way up from there. Try not to be too eager to go straight into 50lbs dumbbell curls or even 20lbs barbell squats. You’re not trying to show off to anyone. Starting slow will not only help you build your form, but it will also help you build up strength.

Reason being is this: if one starts lifting weights that is too heavy for them to begin with, they will lose their form.  When you lose good form, you start doing exercises incorrectly which will almost always lead to injury. Then you have to wait for long periods of time in order to heal from your injury before you can work out again, injure yourself, and heal. And the cycle repeats.

I understand that we are ambitious, we want to be strong NOW, we want to be able to squat 150lbs NOW, we want to be able to leg press 250lbs NOW, but that’s not how things work. The faster you push yourself without giving your body time to handle that much weight, the longer it will take you to become a strong small lady.

Consistency, focus, and time will get you there. Be confident that consistency will make you stronger and that time will help you grow. In this case, the more consistent you are with going to the gym to your workouts and build good form, the faster you will see your body grow. If you find it difficult to keep good form when you are no where near done your full set, it is time to stomp on that ego and lower your weight.

In no time, you will be leg pressing that 250lb goal. But for now ladies, focus on good form, start with little to no weights, be patient and stay consistent.

We are small women so we have to start small and lift smart. Small women can be strong women too.

If you want to get to know Stephie L, her blog is full of motivational tips, fitness routines and tips for women just starting out.

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