I’ve always been a person who takes their diet seriously. I love nutrient dense foods such as kale and blueberries, and have implemented such foods to my daily diet for years now. I’ve only recently stumbled upon a new amazing superfood, that many claim to hold the crown over many amazing nutrient filled foods that we have available to us today.

This superfood goes by the name of spirulina.

What is spirulina?

Well, in short, spirulina is a microalgae. Yup, you read that right, the food that we consider to be most nutrient rich and beneficial to the human body comes from the ocean. Who would have thought?

Algae is one of the first super foods on this planet, and has served to be food for much of the sea life for thousands of years and for good reason. Pound for pound, spirulina contains more protein than beef, chicken, and beans, and also contains all of the essential amino acids (second to watercress in the plant world).


Why is it so beneficial?

For years, spirulina has been a part of the Asian diet, and has recently become more popular in the western world.

Supplemented into the diet, spirulina has many benefits such as:

  1. Detoxing heavy metals throughout the body – One of the biggest benefits that spirulina has on the body is detoxifying by removing harmful metals such as aresenic. If you want a healthy body, you must be aware of what you’re including into your diet on a daily basis. It’s a given that many foods that people consume on a daily basis, or the natural world that they are exposed to can cause toxic effects on the body. (read more about the study here)
  2. Boosting energy – Being rich in iron, magnesium and zinc, spirulina helps to boost energy and improve mental ability. Being deficient in these 3 minerals (especially if you’re active) can often cause fatigue.
  3. Reducing inflammation – Spirulina has been proven to inhibit the production and release of histamine, which is a chemical that sparks the inflammatory response in the body.
  4. It reduces blood pressure – Supplementing with spirulina on a daily basis has been shown to lower blood pressure levels. (read more about the study here)
  5. Suppresses appetite – If you’re someone who is trying to lose fat, and is constantly craving foods, spirulina can help. Supplementing with spirulina in the morning has been proven to give you a satiated feeling for much longer in the morning due to its high protein content.


How to add it to your diet

The two most common forms you can get spirulina is in tablet form and powdered form. You can either supplement it into your diet by adding the powder into your morning smoothie ( be wary that it may turn your drink deep blue-green). If you are picky about taste, it might be better to get a pill form instead.



Give this superfood a try! If you’re someone who takes their nutrition seriously and wants to keep the body running at optimal health, adding spirulina to your diet may give you that boost to your health that you’re looking for.

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