Keep the holiday weight off

Keep the holiday weight off

So Christmas is fast approaching. I’ve been getting numerous questions about what foods to stay away from, what foods are safe to eat and if there is any way possible to keep the pounds off. The average weight a person puts on throughout the holiday months of November and December are roughly 5-7 pounds. Whether it’s lack of self control, or delicious food being served in front of you, this weight gain is almost inevitable. Or is it? You know what the simplest and best way to not gain a single pound over the holiday season is? Don’t eat anything at all!

I’m just kidding.

For all of you who have family gatherings and dinners where delicious food is all over the table and you just want to eat every single thing for yourself, your will power is only so strong. I have a soft spot myself for delicious sweets, and that’s one of the biggest culprits of weight gain over the holiday season. That said, here are some great tips to help minimize the weight gain over the holiday and still enjoy the foods you love.

1) Track your macronutrients (calories) 

If you have read my previous article on how macronutrients affect the body, you will know that if you eat just what your body needs in terms of calories, you can pretty much eat whatever you want and not see the numbers on the scale move. It is vital to determine how many calories your body needs to maintain weight and try to work around that. For instance, you can still enjoy mom’s scrumptious cheese cake, if it only takes up 300 calories of your daily 2000. It’s not that hard. You still have to make sure you get enough good food in, and not just fill up with sugars and sweets!

2) Have a fasting period

If you don’t want to track your macronutrients, another great way is to have a fasting window before dinner. If you know your dinner is going to be 1500 calories at least, and your daily caloric needs is roughly 2000 to keep the same weight, ¬†have your breakfast and drink water for the rest of the day. That way you can pig out during dinners, and not have to worry about the added weight gain later on. Though your stomach might feel a little uneasy, it might be worth it if you say “eff this” to the tracking your calories and trying to fit the food in.

3) Do exercise

This one is pretty straight forward. Calories in vs calories out. If you burn off the extra calories your body has consumed, you’ll pretty much break even and not see any drastic changes to your body. If you eat more, you’ll need to move more. It’s that simple. The worst thing that people often do is neglect the gym during their holidays! Just because it’s your holiday, does not mean you should skip out on exercise. This is often the same people who complain in the new year that they’ve put on a few pounds. Don’t let this be you.

4) Don’t drink calories

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you want to lose weight or keep it off, you’ll need to cut calories from drinks. It’s so easy to drink a days worth of calories with 2 tall glasses of eggnog and rum and that’s the truth. If you love to eat delicious foods, you’re going to have to sacrifice the drinks. If you combine calorie filled, sugary drinks with the foods that you are eating over the holidays, this is the perfect recipe for weight gain, especially if you aren’t tracking your numbers.

Guys this is pretty straight forward, nothing too big with these tips, but people asked and I gave out my tips to help with not gaining weight. But honestly, ONE DAY of eating and pigging out, won’t really do much except leave you feeling bloated. Go ahead and enjoy that Christmas day dinner with your friends and family.


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