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Stiff Legged Deadlift for Hamstrings

Stiff legged deadlift movement

Stiff legged deadlift movement

Hey guys, just wanted to share a quick exercise with you to help develop and bring up those hamstrings.

A lot of you might not know this, but hamstrings are often one of the most forgotten and neglected muscles of the body. This often leads them to be either slightly or for some highly underdeveloped, which is a huge problem when wanting to build up an optimal physique. Another reason why you should work your hamstrings is to prevent muscular imbalances which might cause knee pain or future injuries.

I’ve often seen many guys in the gym that have huge quads from squatting, leg pressing and leg extensions, but from the side, their leg lacks thickness, often because their hamstrings are way smaller in comparison.

I’ll be honest with you guys, way back when I first started working out; I never used to do any hamstrings exercises because I hated doing lying machine leg curls or leg curls in general. They were just so boring to me. The hamstrings are the one muscle where machines help greatly if you want to build them up, but I’ve found that stiff legged deadlifts work amazing and over the years this exercise has become my favorite exercise to target the hamstrings. Many people prefer stiff legged deadlift for hamstrings development because it’s more of a power lifting exercise and is less boring then doing isolated leg curls.

The stiff legged deadlift is not an easy exercise to master, especially if your hamstring muscles aren’t that flexible. It’s pretty much the same movement as the regular deadlift, but you generally want to keep your legs as straight as possible or slightly bent.

***It is very important that you do not lock out your knees while performing this movement. You want your muscles to support the weight, not the joints***

My advice to you if you are just starting to work out and haven’t really attempted the deadlift at all, is to start off really light until you get the movement down. This is one of the exercises that if done improperly can lead to a back injury or pulled leg muscles, so go light the first time.

The stiff legged deadlift is a huge compound exercise that is not only good for the hamstrings, but your glutes and your lower back muscles as well. If your hamstrings are lagging behind your quads, I highly suggest that you start off your leg work out by targeting them, so you can put full emphasis and focus on them before you burn out.

This is pretty much all I wanted to share today with you guys. A simple exercise that I consider to be one of the best ways to bring up those hamstrings. If you’re reading this article and you are one person that neglects hamstrings, there should be no excuse to not train them!


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