Suicide Grip While Bench Pressing?

Suicide grip

Suicide grip

I cringe every time I see someone in the gym bench pressing heavy weights while using the suicide grip. I have seen too many videos of people having 200 to 300 pounds come crashing down onto their chest and there have been fatalities. This is why it’s called the suicide grip. If you do not know what the suicide grip is, it’s basically performing the bench press while you are holding the barbell with your thumbs tucked behind the bar alongside your fingers, instead of it being wrapped around the bar. You are basically just using your hands to act as a ‘press’ to push the weights up. Take a look at the picture to the right, imagine what would happen when all of that weight slips off of his hands and comes crashing down on his chest. Not going to be a pretty site.

This is highly dangerous because your thumbs are not there to keep the weights from rolling off of your hands. If you are currently bench pressing using this grip, I highly recommend you change the grip where your thumbs wrap around the bar forming a safety.

Many people argue that having their thumbs wrapped around the bar lessens their ability to push heavy weights. I have been guilty of this back then. I did feel like I had more power when I used this grip because all of my energy was focused on pushing the weights, rather than to grip the bar while also pushing the weight. But you know what? It’s better to push less weights and then be sorry when the weights come crashing down onto your chest because of your sweaty palms. Would you not agree?

Check out this bench press accident video. Luckily the guy is okay and got away with only a few broken ribs.

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